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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Crime at Christmastime? Sure, It Happens

Smart self-storage operators have hopped on the “bandsleigh” and started using the winter holidays as a marketing angle for their facilities. But in taking advantage of this promotional approach, are they also broadcasting an opportunity for thieves in waiting? ...
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When the Weather Outside Is Frightful, Turn to Self-Storage Talk

Winter weather creates several challenges for facilities, including snow and ice removal, lock and gate malfunctions, and perilous parking lots and sidewalks. When these questions arise, the Self-Storage Talk community can provide answers.
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Win $50 to on Self-Storage Talk

Self-Storage Talk is hosting a holiday raffle, giving members the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to during the holiday shopping season.
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'Storage Wars' Good for Storage Business?

A new TV series called “Storage Wars” premiered on the A&E channel this week. Chronicling the exploits of California lien-sale addicts, the show paints self-storage auctions in a spectacular light. Will this ultimately help the industry’s operators? ...
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Industry Rivalry Discussion Brewing at Self-Storage Talk

Rivalries are relevant beyond the realm of sports, even spilling over into the self-storage industry. A discussion is brewing on this topic at Self-Storage Talk.
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Competing With Your Own State Goverment?

Many of our readers are following the sticky situation in Idaho, where the state has purchased a self-storage facility as an investment toward an education endowment fund. In addition to the concerns expressed by the national and Idaho Self Storage Associations, operators nationwide voice their worry regarding competition with government entities, including unfair competion.
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Been a Good Facility This Year? Tell Self-Storage Talk What's on Your Wish List

Suppose your facility were receiving holiday gifts from ownership or maybe from "Storage Claus." What could you really use to make life easier and business better at your facility? ...
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