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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Self-Storage Talk Moderators: What They Do, Why They Do It, How They're Chosen

Lately, the moderators for Self-Storage Talk, the largest online forum in the industry, have realized many people are unclear about what moderators do and why we do it. Because this misconception leads some to think we are some super-powered and all-knowing, let me take this opportunity to set the record straight.
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When, How Much to Raise Rent? Self-Storage Talk Provides Answers, Ideas

Managers and operators don't mind lending their insight and opinions about raising rent, and they're doing it right now on a discussion thread and poll on Self-Storage Talk.
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Cost Savin’ and Money Makin’ in Self-Storage

In some cases, saving money can be as powerful as making it. Consider the case of your self-storage facility, where monthly revenue from rentals and the sale of retail product may not be quite what it was a few years ago. By implementing some cost-saving strategies, you can still add to your bottom line and ensure your operation stays in the black.
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Extreme Winter Weather Creates Stories on Self-Storage Talk

Last week was brutal for much of the United States as a historic winter storm system created heavy snow and ice along a line from Dallas to Boston. Self-storage operators in the storm's path were forced to adapt to keep their facilities open and accessible, their sidewalks and parking lots clear, and their employees safe.
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Maintenance Questions? Ask an Expert on Self-Storage Talk

Maintenance-related quandaries come with the territory of being a self-storage operator, and now a maintence expert is a few key strokes and mouse clicks at the industry's larget online forum, Self-Storage Talk.
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Auction Honesty: Be Upfront and Educate Customers

The recent TV-auction-frenzy-sensationalism in the self-storage industry has blown up like an allergic reaction to peanuts. But companies like LifeStorage are being proactive to educate customers and avoid the misinformation fallout.
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Primer on Social Groups on Self-Storage Talk

The Social Groups section of Self-Storage Talk is steadily growing, but several users have asked me to create a basic primer on how to use this portion of the site because it's a little different from the main forum.
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