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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Forum Terminology: A Refresher (or Intro) for Self-Storage Talk Members

Like all electronic media, Self-Storage Talk, the largest online community in the industry, has adpoted some of the jargon and abbreviations synonymous with the Internet, e-mail and text messaging.
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The Great Self-Storage Talk Summer Meet-Up Challenge

As people hit the roads or skies this summer, either for fun or business, it would be great if they could arrange get-togethers with Self-Storage Talk forum friends.
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Go Back to School on Self-Storage Talk, Reel in College-Student Tenants

They Facebook. They Tweet. They post on online forums. They carry around iPhones and Droids, meaning they're always online. And most importantly, they tend to live in one place for nine months of the year and another place for three, which makes them consistent self-storage customers. They're college students, and as spring terms at U.S. universities wind down and summer begins, facilities in college markets are looking to reel them in. But how does one best reach a college student? That's a very good question for Self-Storage Talk.
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Genderizing the Self-Storage Experience: Good Business or Senseless Strategy?

It’s a common belief in the self-storage industry that the majority of renters are female, and operators should strive to make their facilities cleaner and more attractive to appease/entice this market segment. But is this an archaic way of thinking? Shouldn’t we simply aim to please discriminating customers, regardless of gender? ...
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Vendors, Suppliers Invited to Self-Storage Talk; Promotion Is Policed

In a business such as self-storage, where facilities and operations are tightly connected to their suppliers, it's important for a place to exist where these parties can have an ongoing conversation. That's why suppliers or vendors have always been welcome to join the ranks of Self-Storage Talk, the industry's largest online community and the official forum of Inside Self-Storage.
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Self-Storage Talk 'Trolls': Don't Be One, Don't Encourage Them

In the past, I have sung Self-Storage Talk's praises because community members tend to behave themselves. However, SST is not immune to the occasional "troll," a forum slang term for a poster who enjoys irritating other posters at every opportunity.
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New Treats From ISS: Best of Business Poll, Membership, Lien-Law Registry

This weekend millions of children are salivating at the thought of forthcoming Easter baskets stuffed with colorful fluff, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybeans. Why not? We all enjoy an indulgence once in a while. For self-storage professionals, ISS released three new treats this week. Read more about these industry delights and help us celebrate. We won’t even make you hunt for them! ...
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