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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


The Ache of Adjustment: Facing a Self-Storage Job Change

Change can be tough. The degree of discomfort it causes has a lot to do with whether it happens by choice. We all face difficult decisions at some point during our career. If you’re facing a change in your self-storage position or staff, whether by preference or necessity, you owe it to yourself to be well-informed about your options.
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Are You Lost in a Sea of Self-Storage Data?

We have access to so much information these days that it’s difficult to know which is reliable. Think about the ways you use data in your self-storage business. Do you know what info is accurate and the best ways analyze and apply it? The Opening Session for this year’s ISS Expo should help you answer that question.
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8 Things Self-Storage Operators Dread Dealing With in 2016

All right, we’ve heard enough about goals and resolutions for 2016, haven’t we? What if we just don’t feel like waxing all sanguine about the New Year? We know the months ahead will hold challenges as well as victories, so best we think ahead and attempt to be prepared. To that end, let’s talk about the things self-storage operators are dreading to deal within 2016. Here are eight of them. Perhaps you'll add more.
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Getting Your Self-Storage Site Maintenance on Track in 2016

As much as we may want to goof off and focus on holiday entertainments, many of us are busy this month ticking off final items on the 2015 to-do list and drafting new inventories for next year. For self-storage operators, facility maintenance is a task-heavy area that can often lose attention, but it’s important to get and stay on track. Here’s something to help with that.
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6 Things for Which Inside Self-Storage Is Particularly Grateful and 1 Enchanting Holiday Recipe

It’s the time of year for two particular things: counting our blessings and indulging in all kinds of treats we could normally never justify consuming. Here are six groups of people for which we at ISS are enormously thankful, plus a really good holiday recipe that will haunt your dreams.
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The New Inside Self-Storage Vendor Locator: Your Online Product/Service Marketplace

In the world of the Web, e-commerce has it all over the brick-and-mortar experience, which suffers from crowds and lines and limited inventory. Do you know where to go when you need industry products and services? Our new online marketplace will help you find the items necessary for self-storage success. It’s so much more than a directory, and it’s always open. Come on in and check it out.
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Making the Most of Mass Media: Tele-Visioning Your Self-Storage Brand

These days it’s quite common to see popular brands subtly (or not so subtly) promoted in movies or television programming. For example, you might see a character drinking a certain kind of soda, using a particular kind of phone or sporting a specific brand of shoes. If you had the opportunity to promote your self-storage brand on any television show, past or present, what would it be and why? We asked this question of this year’s Best of Business winners. Now’s your chance to top their responses! ...
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