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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Are Managers Underpaid? Everyone's Got an Opinion on Self-Storage Talk

It's no surprise that Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s largest online community, is hosting a popular and heated discussion on the thread "Wages and Salaries Part II." The thread's Part I was so popular it exceeded 100 posts.
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World Economy, Local Self-Storage

This week the World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, where the world's foremost thinkers in business, politics, academia, media, technology and manufacturing are discussing the state of the world and how to improve it for future generations. While you may not feel this has a direct impact on you as a self-storage operator or vendor, the overall theme of the forum—innovate or die—is one that applies to every business enterprise.
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Facility Managers Can Earn Free Trip to Vegas on Self-Storage Talk

Enter the Loving Las Vegas contest, sponsored by Chateau Products Inc., on Self-Storage Talk (SST). Beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 25, and running through Valentine's Day, managers (or owner-managers) can take a shot at winning a prize package valued at nearly $1,200.
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Self-Storage Talk Heats Up With Chat About ADA Updates

On Self-Storage Talk (SST), the industry’s largest online community, member hurlco recently pointed out that proposed ADA updates could apply to business websites on the thread "ADA: You Won't Believe This!" What does a website have to do with the ADA? ...
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Resolutions Are Great ... What Are Your Actual PLANS for Self-Storage in 2012?

Without blinking, we've landed smack dab in the second week of January. Many of us have made resolutions regarding our businesses in 2012. But realistically, what are your plans for your self-storage operation this year? Making a decree is one thing; establishing a strategy to bring it to life is another entirely.
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Get Primed for the ISS World Expo on Self-Storage Talk

As we march into the second week of January, the self-storage industry's biggest event, the Inside Self-Storage World Expo at the Paris Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, is now just two months away. An excellent place to get a jumpstart on the learning is Self-Storage Talk (SST), specifically the expo-related section of the forum.
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Make Your New Year's Resolutions Public on Self-Storage Talk

The holidays are officially over, 2012 is here, and everyone is back to work. It’s time to start making good on those New Year's resolutions. But how long will people stick to their promises to make themselves better—whether through losing weight, quitting smoking or saving money? It depends on the level of accountability. One way to make yourself accountable is to make your resolution public.
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