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Best of the Best recently published its list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For." Not surprisingly, Google topped the list, followed by other customer and employee favs such as Starbucks, Whole Foods Markets, Nike, QuikTrip and Container Store. What makes these companies stand out? For one, compensation. For example, Container Store pays its sales employees 50 percent above the industry average.

Opportunity to advance is another. QuikTrip, the gas-food powerhouse, minimizes turnover through management-trainee programs.

How about prestige? Starbucks doesnt just deliver expensive coffee. Nope, coffee mixers, called baristas, serve up Colombia Nariño Supremo and Guatemala Antiqua. And even though most employees are part-timers, theyre still eligible for benefits.

Acceptance is another reason. At Google, its hip to be square. Not only is the dress code come as you are, but Googlers enjoy free gourmet coffee, meals and snacks. Haircuts, onsite carwashes and, of course, a gym, also entice thousands to apply to the Internet giant every year.

While its unrealistic to have a hairdresser on standby or full-size gym on the premises, the overall concept here is not being over the top, but simply caring enough about your employees to work at keeping them around. This could be as simple as ordering in lunch after a stressful week, giving away movie passes, or offering an extra paid-day off to show your appreciation.

What makes your self-storage the place to work? Use the post a comment button to share your stories.

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