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10 Ways to Create Self-Storage Revenue With Rental Trucks

By CJ Steen Comments

Self-storage operators are often spread thin trying to overcome the competition, market their business, ensure customer satisfaction and stay on top of property maintenance. The busy nature of running a facility can make it difficult to find new ways to earn revenue. Luckily, rental trucks and storage go together like peanut butter and jelly! Not only can a rental truck help you trump your competition and provide customers with a valuable service, it’ll generate additional cash flow.

Don’t eat peanut butter alone. Liven up your facility income with some delicious jelly! Here are 10 ways to promote and maximize your truck-rental program, and ultimately make more money.

Catch the Eye

One of the most important aspects of marketing your truck is its graphics, which are worth some time and investment. They should be vibrant and eye-catching, and include details about your property such as location, website, phone number and even popular features. Spend time with your graphic designer to maximize the representation of your brand.

Once you have your truck handsomely designed, don’t hide it! Simple visibility is excellent marketing. Your truck is a billboard that should be parked where everyone can see it. If your facility isn’t on a key thoroughfare, park your truck on a main road and use it to direct people to your site. You can even ask a local business if you can station the truck in its lot in exchange for a discount on a storage rental.

Just remember that if you want your truck to be highly visible, you need it to be clean and in good working order. A dirty truck would make a poor impression of your business. You want it to be every bit as clean and safe as your actual storage property.

Stay on Message

A critical component to a successful truck-rental program is marketing, and the simplest approach is consistent consumer messaging. For example, you can answer the phone with something like, “ABC Storage, home of the free rental truck … How may I help you?” When you have someone interested in storing, ask how he plans to move his belongings. You can then mention you have a facility truck available. While a truck is a great advantage for all customers, it’s a particularly great closing tool for those who are on the fence about renting.

Maximize Your Rental Time

The most common truck-rental promotion used at self-storage facilities is, “Rent with me, use this truck for free.” But that doesn’t mean you have to lend it to the tenant for a full day. You can offer it for a few hours or a half-day based on the tenant’s unit size. Maybe your customers will be enticed to rent a larger unit to have the truck for a longer duration. If they bring it back late, you can charge a fee!

Charge for Fuel, Amenities

Your facility should enforce a policy that the truck should always be returned fully fueled. If it isn’t, impose a fee.

You can also offer furniture pads and hand trucks for a price. It’s standard practice in the truck-rental industry to charge for these items, and imposing a fee encourages customers to return these items.

Offer Non-Peak Specials

Offering discounts for truck rentals during off-peak times such as mid-week days will encourage more rentals. Consider using a fun slogan to promote the deal—the more creative, the better! “Military Mondays” and “Working Women’s Wednesday” are just a couple that have worked well. Catchy phrases also encourage word-of-mouth advertising that will promote your unique services and referral program.

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