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Techniques for Overcoming Common Self-Storage Sales Objections

By Tron Jordheim Comments

When it comes to renting self-storage units, some customers just don’t respond the way you might expect or like, even if you’re using a well-practiced sales presentation. Sometimes, you can get better results if you improvise or go “freestyle.” Following are some challenging customer types and selling techniques for overcoming their objections to close the deal.

The Pushy, Price-Obsessed Customer

The pushy customer who only wants a price on a storage unit without hearing anything else is someone to challenge. Give him the information he wants, but back it up with a quick list of your facility’s features and benefits. Then push for the sale with as much force as he used with you.

When you turn the tables on this type of customer, you often get the rental. Try a phrase like, “Our rate on that size unit is only $179, which includes the added convenience of the PIN-pay access gate, the indoor loading bay, and the use of the carts and dollies. Since I only have a few of those 10-by-10s left, let’s get your name on one right now.” Of course, this play won’t work perfectly every time, but it often leads to a longer conversation as well as a sale.

The Wishy-Washy Responder

The customer who says “no” but keeps you engaged in conversation really wants to say “yes.” You just haven’t found his hot button or created enough urgency. Challenge this person, too. Ask “What will it take to get you into a unit today?” or “We need to get you in a unit now, before we get any busier and sell out of this size. Let’s get this done. How do you spell your name?” The person who hesitates but sticks around just needs a good push, so give him one.

You can also try an approach such as, “You say you’re not interested at this price, but you keep telling me how convenient it would be to have a unit with us. A lot of our customers had some initial hesitation and are now very happy they’re here. Let’s get your name on a unit right now.” You get the idea. Call him out politely and then go for the sale.

The Cheapskate

The customer who gives you a hard time about the price needs you to be confident about it. If you sheepishly allow this person to rent elsewhere at a lower price, you’ve reinforced the idea that cheaper is just as good. Show assurance in your facility pricing, quality, cleanliness and convenience, and push for the sale. Pressing this person will win you points and the rental.

You can challenge this customer, too. You might try, “Sure, there are people content with taking the cheapest thing out there, even if it might be kind of funky. But I know our customers are happy here. They pay a little more and get a lot more, like our [name a good feature or benefit]. So let’s get the unit in your name right now.” Don’t be afraid to be confident. People generally like that.

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