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Accessing the Knowledge Base: Tech Support for Your Self-Storage Management Software


By Kevin Kerr

As the tools included within your self-storage management software become more complex, the need for reliable support has become paramount. Luckily, most software providers offer a variety of technical solutions to ensure you have a strong understanding of your program and its capabilities.

You’ve heard the sales pitch. You’ve gone through the demo. You’ve made your self-storage software purchase. Now what?

Talk with your software account manager and set aside time for you and your team to go through an orientation. While he may not be the person who’ll assist you with ongoing technical support, your sales rep is still a great resource to help get you started. While you have him available, go through all of the actions you may need to complete in your software on a normal day—and then go through them all again. The worst thing you can do is fail to voice your questions and concerns. After all, it’s a lot easier to ask a question than fix a mistake.

The orientation should leave you feeling confident about using your new product. At this point, you may be thinking you’re wise enough to host your own seminar on the subject. But then five short minutes later, a customer walks through the door. After greeting him, you realize you’ve forgotten 90 percent of what you learned! As you feel the walls closing in and your mind continues to draw a blank, you remember what your account manager told you: “If you need any help with anything at all, we have many resources available to assist you.”

With newfound clarity, you reach into your desk drawer where you keep the user manual. Upon browsing the pages, you quickly come to the realization that the training wheels are off and it’s time to start using your new software and browsing the various tools.

Knowledge Base

Most software providers supply their customers with a comprehensive knowledge base to share solutions to common questions and more intricate problems that may have been addressed in the past. Familiarizing yourself with these tools will not only help you find the answer to an immediate issue, it gives you valuable insight into the functionality of the software. Important points of reference include:

  • User manuals for basic information
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Configuration setup (information on backend-system setup)
  • Partner-contact information to reach integrated partners such as gate-system providers and payment processors

Every support query a provider receives ends up making the overall product just a little bit better in terms of behavior, features and usability. If you have a suggestion for new features or an issue with the functionality of your software, voice your concern to your provider. This will help build a stronger knowledge base and overall product.


Software-support webinars presented by your provider will most likely include training, a demonstration or a recorded event designed to provide you with valuable information. They might be one-way or interactive, live or pre-recorded. A pre-recorded webinar allows participants to review it at their own convenience. You can check your supplier’s website to see which webinars are already available.

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