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Tools and Strategies to Help Self-Storage Operators Earn More Facebook Likes and Shares

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Always be aware of Facebook’s size limitations. Create ads that work well in the space available, with a picture that doesn’t need to be full-screen to make sense. Try to include a call to action or a question, something that will keep the reader engaged beyond the text on the page. After that, there's a lot of freedom for exploration. Test various ads to see what works best for each demographic that you target and change your tactics accordingly. There's a lot to consider, so figure out what works best for your business.

Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are cheaper than paid ads, but they’re also limited to fans and friends of fans. As such, they’re great for promotions, events and other news that might be of interest to people who are already aware of your existence. While you might not get droves of new customers from promoted posts, they can definitely help solidify your Facebook presence and increase interaction with your online fan base.

Have a Goal

As with any type of marketing, have specific goals in mind before beginning a Facebook ad campaign. Do you want to draw more fans? Are you looking to send more users to your external website, whether or not they’ve “liked” your Facebook page? Whatever your intent, make it specific and measurable so you can determine the success of the campaign. If you don’t have a quantifiable goal, you’ll never know whether your Facebook page is helping your business or hurting it through wasted resources.

A good way to follow up on your success is through Google Analytics. Facebook itself does not reveal a lot about ad effectiveness, but there are external tools and conversion trackers that will allow you to access this very important information.

These are some of the primary tools at your disposal when trying to market your storage facility on Facebook. It is not an exhaustive list, but a solid foundation on which the inexperienced Facebook marketer can build. Don’t let other businesses drown you out of the discussion. Be smart and intentional with your marketing, and Facebook will reveal itself to be an invaluable resource for lead generation and customer relations.

Tim Schlee is a Kansas City native who studied English and linguistics at Truman State University. He is a content writer for StoreageAhead, which offers Web-marketing technology for the self-storage industry, including lead-generating search engines and facility management software. For more information, call 913.954.4110; visit

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