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Structured Employee Evaluations: 5 Phases to Self-Storage Profitability

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We’re also able to find out if a manager is scoring poorly, whether once or repeatedly. We’re then able to address it in a timely manner via further training, testing and evaluation. Monthly evaluations help our teams to be proactive in addressing both positive and negative performance to further develop their accomplishments.

2. Monthly Property-Performance Reports and Evaluation

Our system is set up so that each manager receives the property goals for the following year at the end of each financial year. The monthly goals are then tied to a bonus program. Our managers receive ongoing updates that show how they’re performing in regard to their goals on a year-to-date basis. The reports also become a part of the quarterly evaluation for each employee.

3. Audits

Facility audits are also part of our employee-evaluation process. Shared with the site staff, the audits allow both the managers and their supervisors to attend any issues that may be present. Employees are then given sufficient time to correct any areas, and then the issue at hand is re-evaluated. Total score/performance from these audits goes into the quarterly employee-evaluation file.

4. Quarterly

Since the monthly evaluations and audits are based on a point system, the quarterly employee review provides a good summary of performance and alerts us to any additional training needs. Our managers are able to provide feedback and share their insights on their facility’s performance and maintenance needs.

At this time, they’re also encouraged by their supervisors to give further feedback on their level of satisfaction and happiness for us to be able to provide guidance on any issues they may have. The point system ties into further training opportunities within the year for career advancement, as well as providing quantifiable data in the case of termination.

5. End of Year

The end-of-year evaluation measures the overall performance of employees for promotions and additional bonuses. Our system is most appreciated by our employees, as it shows our commitment to continuously help our team grow their careers and lifestyle.

We’ve found employee evaluations give us the feedback that’s crucial for us as a self-storage management company to maintain the best performance from our staff. Evaluations also help us stay in touch with our managers’ day-to-day lives at the facility level. Finally, having a framework provides us with a road map to tackle any performance issues constructively while supporting our team and reinforcing positive performance.

Always remember that qualified employees who are happy and motivated are your team members on your path to profitability.

Aycha Williams is a marketing and training strategist for AC Commercial Property Management, which currently manages more than 1.2 million square feet of self-storage and other commercial holdings in Florida and Texas. She has more than 15 years of commercial real estate, high-tech and consumer-products marketing experience. For more information, call 407.647.9800; e-mail; visit .

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