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5 Reasons Your Self-Storage Manager May Be Looking or a New Job (and Insight You Need to Keep Him)


By Pamela Alton

My staff and I see a lot of resumes each week from managers looking for job placement all over the country. One thing we’ve noticed is it’s not uncommon to see managers who have had several different jobs over a five-year period. When we contact them for interviews, we ask why they’ve switched jobs so often and why they’re seeking another position. Here are the five reasons they give for seeking new employment, and insight to how you, the self-storage employer, can keep the good ones from moving on.

Micromanaging Bosses

The No. 1 reason a manager looks for a new job is the owner doesn't allow him to actually do the job he was hired to do—manage the facility! The owner is always micromanaging, second-guessing the manager’s decisions and actions on a daily or weekly basis. Some managers have to contact their owner or management company to ask if they can waive a late fee or offer a special on units sizes when they have too many vacancies. Or they must ask permission to broker a deal on a lien sale for less than what’s owed to get the tenant to amicably move out.

Why hire the person if you don’t trust him to do the job, let alone trust him to handle your money on a day-to-day basis? If you won’t allow your managers to do their jobs, why hire them? Just do the job yourself and you’ll know it’s done your way!

If a manager is making irresponsible decisions in the management of your facility, then fire him and hire someone who knows what he’s doing. Then allow him to do the job!


The second reason self-storage managers look for new employment is family or lifestyle. A majority of them are more than 50 years old and have children, grandchildren or aging parents who may need more attention as they grow older, so many desire to live closer to relatives or have more flexible hours.

Some self-storage facilities include onsite residences for managers, allowing them to move from state to state or across country without the need to find new housing. They can find a position closer to family and friends and have a new job. This often leads to a happier and more enthusiastic employee.

Better Pay or Perks

The next reason managers seek another employment opportunity is to make more money. You might think that would be the first reason managers make a change, but it’s usually farther down the list.

There’s no right, wrong or set standard when it comes to manager wages. Your employee may be salaried or paid by the hour, receive bonuses or not, and might be offered other benefits such as paid time off and health insurance. Obviously, people like to make money. We need it to survive in this world. However, money isn’t always the motivating factor for a manager to switch jobs.

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