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Safety Hazards and Bodily Injuries Self-Storage Operators Share Personal Experiences

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I covered my bases by filling out an incident report, and because she was "dizzy and nauseous" and worried about "brain damage" and rubbing her forehead red to make a mark, I called EMS to check on her because of the fuss, and she declined care. (I also stood under the gate arm on video and demonstrated the gate arm hitting me for the claim. There is a sensor, so if it comes in contact with anything, the arm will stop and raise itself.)
~Senior Member TimburrWulf

I was walking the property, and at the end of one of the driveways I saw a man flat on his back with items strewn around him. I ran over to him. He was barely conscious and smelled of alcohol, and his head and face were very bloody. I could not get him to talk to me. I called 911.

The fire department was here first and they secured his head, which had been bleeding profusely, and got him onto the stretcher. Then the cops arrived ("Nothing to see here"), and then came the ambulance ... and loaded him up and drove him to our tiny local hospital. He was then flown out of the area for treatment.

Meanwhile, his brother in Texas called to tell me what had happened (I already knew he was stinkin' drunk and had fallen down the stairs). When the dude finally got his head sewn back on and came back to see me, his brother had already paid his storage fee, and I told him he had to be out of the unit and off the property by day's end. He complied. But that was all really scary to me in the beginning when it happened.
~Senior Member geraldine1051

I was actually recently injured on the property. After the time change, I went out to reset our light timers. The cover for the timer box is the type with a sheet of thin metal that just slides up into a groove and has two screws at the bottom to hold it in place. As I was removing the second screw, the cover sliced the screw in half and slammed down on my foot right at the base of my toes (think guillotine!). I almost passed out from the pain! I was bruised over the entire top of my foot and swollen to almost double its size.

I filled out an incident report and sent it to the corporate office. (I am the district manager, so I didn't bother sending it to myself first!) The next day, I went to urgent care and have been under their care for six weeks. I even got to wear one of those fashionable black Velcro boots for a few weeks! ... The only thing that could have prevented this injury would be if I was wearing steel-toed boots!
~Moderator MamaDuke

Most of the incidents with customers have been small lacerations from doors or latches. Soap and water with a band-aid soothed their wounded pride and no further problems.

[We had] one trip incident where an elderly lady fell and bruised her chest. My employer paid her medical bills for initial visit and follow-up to make sure nothing was broken. I removed the trip hazard.

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