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Hiring Self-Storage Managers: Changing the Interview Process to Discover Who Can Really Do the Job

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Instead, focus the interview on answering one fundamental question: Can the person do the job? The key to successful hiring is a methodology that puts the candidate in the position before you hire him. It’s not about determining if he has the right tools but if he can use them well. If he can’t, he may not be the right fit.

How do you put candidates in the job before you hire them? Here are three steps to retooling your interview process:

Change your questions. Stop relying on questions that start with “have you," "what," "tell me about a time when," etc. These should be used for probing after the candidate provides his initial answers. The famous who, what, when, where and why questions are for probing deep, not for opening questions.

Rely on “how.”  One of the biggest challenges interviewers have is shifting to the use of “how” questions, for example: How would you decrease costs by 10 percent? How would you increase gross margins by X percent? How would you go about implementing a complete systems upgrade of our management-software program? How would you increase market share in your territory? After you ask how, you can begin probing with the five Ws.

Ask for examples. Shift the interview from the candidate's skills and experiences and ask him explain how he would specifically apply these to the job. If the potential hire can’t envision how to apply his skills and experiences in the position, you have to question whether he’s the right fit.

It’s easy for candidates to talk about their skills and experiences. Some might even embellish in this area. It’s significantly different for them to explain how they would apply those tools in your company, with your culture, resources, budget constraints and all the aspects that make your self-storage business unique from the one they’re leaving behind.

To make a successful hire, put the candidate in the job in advance with the use of "how" questions. See how he thinks on his feet. If he can't, you may be better served by moving on to the next potential hire on the list.

Brad Remillard is a speaker, author and trainer with more than 30 years of experience in hiring and recruiting. Through his corporate workshops and speaking engagements, he demonstrates how organizations can effectively attract, interview, hire and retain top talent. He is the co-founder of Impact Hiring Solutions and co-author of You’re NOT the Person I Hired: A CEO’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent. For more information, visit

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