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Call Potential: Cloud-Based Program Helps Self-Storage Operators Increase Their Call Conversion


By Hayden Harrison

Call Potential Self-Storage Sales Process Screenshot***

Call Potential, a cloud-based program that takes self-storage operators "from cradle to grave" during the self-storage sales process, is one of a kind, according to founder Phil Murphy, an industry veteran who’s family owns and operates several facilities in Illinois under the Next Door Storage brand.

Unlike most programs that only help with one aspect of the selling process, Call Potential increases the number of callers converted to customers by hitting on every important step in the sales journey.

The program helps self-storage operators be consistent on follow-up calls, offers information on customers, improves employees call efficiency and optimizes advertising investments to increase revenue.

“Call Potential wasn't built to make you change your business,” Murphy says. “It was built to accommodate the way you do business.” Murphy uses the program at all 13 of his locations, and his conversion rate in many locations has increased  to more than 50 percent.

Call Potential came about while Murphy was researching ways to increase the industry’s average 30 percent conversion rate. He discovered much of the problem was due to lack of follow-up calls, which is important because the company that reconnects with customers is “going to end up landing the sale.”

To fix these problems, Call Potential makes a list of potential customers with whom managers should follow-up via phone. Because calls are recorded and information is taken at the time of the first call, the employee making the subsequent call will be familiar with the customer’s storage needs, which will create an instant connection rather than be interpreted as a cold sales call. Self-storage owners can even customize the program to better suit their facility’s needs, including what information they want to obtain.

Another problem Murphy discovered was the inconsistency in the way employees portrayed the company and its key benefits. Call Potential fixes this problem by helping owners and staff know the key areas in which they need to improve. The program grades each call and, at the end of each month, every employee receives a detailed report card online that shows every call’s grade and the employee’s progress.

In addition to helping managers improve closing ratios, Call Potential can also assist self-storage owners in evaluating their marketing strategies. When a call comes in, the program will automatically show where the customer found the facility’s number, such as the facility’s website, an online third-party, a print ad or other advertisement. This allows owners to see how many calls are made from each form and how many were actual leads, enabling operators to determine the cost per call, cost per lead and cost per sale.

“They can use individual tracking numbers or we can capture every call through their primary line, Murphy says. “However, to get the most out of the system, they should use the call-tracking numbers we provide in all of their advertising.”

Owners can then reduce advertisement costs by eliminating unproductive ads."It's going to give owners better information to make decisions," Murphy says.

Call Potential will continue to evolve, based on customer feedback and as new technology emerges. "All the tools, are built for getting more sales from the rings you're already getting," Murphy says. “Owners shouldn’t be satisfied with 30 percent conversion ratio. With the right tools, they can achieve better results.”

For more information, call 877.55.CALLS; visit

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