Sounds of Storage Podcast: Matthew Van Horn and Jim Ross

By John Carlisle and Matthew Van Horn Comments

Matthew Van HornFor anyone but gurus, the fast pace of technology in any industry can be overwhelming. For example, seemingly everyone in the business/tech world last year was talking about "cloud computing," but what does it mean, and what does it have to do with self-storage?


Matthew Van Horn and Jim Ross, both vice presidents of operations for Cutting Edge Self-Storage Management, stepped up to address cloud computing, data security and facility websites on the most recent Sounds of Storage podcast. Matt and Jim join host and Self-Jim RossStorage Talk Community Manager John Carlisle as part of the Inside Self-Storage World Expo "Speaker Series," a platform for some of the most informative and engaging presenters of the upcoming conference and tradeshow in Las Vegas. The podcast touches on topics Matt and Jim will be addressing during their presentation, "10 Things You Should Be Doing Now in Regard to Self-Storage Technology and Software." Click on the gray button to listen. Running time: 10:47.

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