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Overcoming Common Social-Media Obstacles

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Obstacle 4: “I have all this content, but I don’t know what to do with it.”

Engaging with prospects, customers and target audiences can produce great, real-life testimonials, compliments and special notes. These are sharbale word-of-mouth reccomendations that can spread positive news about your business. Instead of letting those great tweets, flattering Facebook comments and meaningful LinkedIn reccomendations get lost in the shuffle, establish a prominent position for them on your website.

Whether it’s a widget that scrolls through tweets mentioning your business or a unique page on your website, social-media content lets others sing your praises! A special landing page with top comments from social-media contacts is another great way you can show new prospects and Web visitors the many reasons why your customers love doing business with you. Exceptional, positive content from your social-media efforts is a powerful way to acknowledge your best followers and will show potential customers all the great things being said about your business.

Obstacle 5: “I don’t know what to do with negative feedback.”

Being a part of an online community through social networking and blogging can be an extremely positive opportunity for your company to address your audience and facilitate communication. However, when negative feedback strikes, the news can travel fast if mishandled. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention. A speedy, helpful and friendly response to negative feedback can provide you with a golden opportunity. Demonstrate exceptional customer service and a commitment to client satisfaction to all your online peers and the negative has now become a positive.

Have a proper plan of action in place so you can turn the negatives into positives quickly and effectively. Taking this proactive approach demonstrates that your company is responsive and wants to do the right thing for your customers.

Respond in the best way possible by understanding what kind of negative feedback you’re receiving. Use this chart to help identify the feedback and how to respond. 

Type of Negative Feedback

What to Expect

How to Respond

Customer Problem

States a problem with your product or service.

Take steps to fix the problem when possible. Notify customer of these steps.

Constructive Criticism

Stated problem plus suggestions for improvement.

Whether you implement the suggestions or not, always thank the customer for their insight.


Automated comments meant to bait your company or customers.

Best not to respond. Remove when necessary as soon as possible.

The general rule when it comes to social-media feedback is to always stay positive. Voice your concerns to make sure your customers feel heard and know that you respect their feedback.

Social media can be an excellent marketing vehicle for your self-storage company. If you haven’t launched your own social-media marketing campaign, consider the benefits this medium has to offer. It’s time to overcome your fears and the obstacles preventing your from reaching a new audience through social-media channels.

Walt Denny is president of Walt Denny Inc., a full-service public-relations, advertising and marketing agency specializing in the home-products arena, digital marketing and social media. Denny has worked in the advertising/public-relations agency business for 35 years. His company works with a national client base to building positive brand awareness through individualized strategies. For more information, call 630.323.0555; visit

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