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Successful Self-Storage Construction Begins With Communication

Jerry Kingwill Comments
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Maintaining Timeframes

Pre-construction planning and timelines are as vital to the outcome of a project as the budget. A construction manager must consider several facets when setting a timetable, taking into account labor, material, equipment and budget.

Proper scheduling will deter downfalls such as unavailable resources and waste of labor that would ultimately send the project over budget. Make note that an accurate time schedule will create a smooth construction process; adversely, improper scheduling can thwart progress.

Creating Productive Construction Teams

Selecting an appropriate team for a project may be as complex as the project itself. Construction managers develop relationships that will strengthen the success of the project. Three key factors are important to the success of this task: team, trust and communication. If one or any of the three components is not in place, the team begins to break down, causing potential errors, extra costs and unhappy customers.

When selecting the architect and/or engineer, it is essential that the following items are on their list of priorities:

  • Safety
  • Function
  • Quality
  • Completion date
  • Aesthetics
  • Location
  • Maintenance costs
  • Financing

Don’t be tempted by low bidders when choosing a contractor. Instead, make sure the chosen one addresses all of the above. When receiving a low bid, make sure to research the source and ask questions. The bidding contractor should have a strong reputation for maintaining schedules and budgets.

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