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Customer-Service Savvy for Self-Storage

Dianna Tuttle and M. Anne Ballard Comments

Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned customer service? How many times in just one day do we experience less than satisfactory service?

Over the years, we have found whatever tone is set by the CEO of a company rolls down hill. If the tone and importance of customer service has not been properly set by company leaders, the employees of this company will not focus on service either.

When the CEO of a company places customers and customer service at the pinnacle of the business, employees will do the same. This rule applies for all customers, internal and external alike. These customers not only keep the company going strong, but ultimately pay our wages. It is crucial we all remember this and learn to love all our customers.

It actually takes very little to gain a loyal customer. A smile, positive attitude and being kind costs us nothing. When we add consistency to our customer service recipe, the result is a loyal customer.

Take Responsibility

You never get a second chance to make that first impression, so make it count. The initial tools you need are the bait and a hook. Sounds a lot like fishing, doesn’t it?

Make sure your have outstanding curb appeal and an impeccable sales area. These two things alone will serve as bait for your customers. You and your award-winning smile, positive attitude and sincere kindness act as the hook. When your customers feel their business is important to you and has value, they are happier and easier to serve.

When a customer comes into your facility, the goal is to provide the best possible outcome. When something goes south, as it sometimes will, you need to have the ability to adjust your strategy and turn the situation around.

Allowing your management staff to be in control of customer service issues not only empowers them, but also sends a clear message to the customer letting him know the company doesn’t hide behind the ever-popular “that’s against company policy” statement.

Instead, it trusts its managers and the decisions they make. Besides, an unhappy customer does not want to hear about what is and isn’t against company policy; they want a resolution and, in today’s fast-paced society, they want it now.

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