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960 Opportunities to Make Each Day a Success

Brian Sullivan Comments
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Make a list of the top 10 people inside and outside of your business who can make you smarter. Then give each of them a call to set up a breakfast, lunch or other meeting (happy hour or golf is often a nice way to spend a 960 moment). Each moment you spend with a networking partner increases your value. That’s because of the relationships you create, along with the information you receive, which will make you more valuable to your company and your customers.

Reach out to at least one person in your network each week and be prepared with one or two specific questions. Don’t reach out just for the sake of “reaching out!” Set a clear objective. For example, “My objective in meeting with Joe is to get him to tell me at least three things that he does to separate him from the competition.”

By setting a specific objective for your networking meeting, you will get more out of it. In addition, find a way to help Joe in three ways as well. That will keep him an active member of your 960 relationship file.
Influence Your Activity
Pick one or two products or services that you think you could sell a ton of and plan to offer it to every person who walks into or calls your facility for 20 days. Before you do, think about how many of those products you would like to sell and how many people you will need to talk to to reach that goal. Once you know how many people you need to talk to, it’s time to get to work. Take comfort in knowing that your competition will stop prospecting long before you have arrived at your number.
960 reps don’t look, act, think or smell like the average salesperson. They aren’t afraid to take valuable minutes each day to do something a little “deviant.” One simple way to deviate from your competition is to take 15 minutes each day to hand write thank-you notes to new customers and possible tenants you met with that day. Keep the notes, some envelopes and a book of stamps in your briefcase, car or office. Then after every high value call you take, take one minute to write it, seal it and stamp it. Find the first blue mailbox you can find and send it!

Think about it. When will that customer get your note? Tomorrow or the next day? Guess what that note will say about your ability to serve them. It says you care, you pay attention to detail, you have five-star follow-up skills and you have time to do the little things for that customer. That note can say those things even better than your lips because it is done in the spirit of service.

For those of you who do everything online, find an online card creation service that will enable you to pick a card, personalize it and e-mail it all from one site.

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