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Custody Sets Records Management Apart From Basic Records Storage

Ian Thomas Comments
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Peace of Mind

First and most important to clients is they are purchasing peace of mind when they store their records with you. They want to sleep at night knowing their records are secure; you must be able to prove security when called upon to do so. Among the numerous activities in a records-management business, some date-and-time stamps are required for documentation:

  • At pickup (also noting who picked them up)
  • Receipt at your facility (and who received them)
  • When they are placed into permanent storage (and who placed them there)
  • A request to retrieve records (who took the request as well as who was the requestor)
  • Retrieval from the permanent storage location (and who retrieved the record)
  • Delivery (who delivered the record and who signed for the record)

You must have the proper tools and the very best database for recording all this activity. One stored record can create six audit records. This means your database must encompass activity more than six times the size of the number of records stored. That’s why selecting the right tools is essential; you must maintain all this activity/audit history and call upon it in a moment’s notice.

Billing and Reporting

Activity data is important for billing and reporting purposes. With accurate activity/audit data, your records-management system can quickly create invoices for clients without missing a single cent of income. Each activity carries a different fee. To be successful, your billing must accurately identify each of these charges.

These data records provide you with peace of mind that the business is collecting all the charges due. It may seem like a lot of work, but a good records-management software program can make it a snap. In addition, it’s not uncommon for software programs to increase revenues by 10 percent, just by accurately recording all service fees, some of which may go unnoticed if calculated manually.

Who knew that by providing an accurate chain of custody, you can afford both your client and yourself peace of mind? Sleep well.

Ian Thomas is vice president of business develop-ment for O’Neil Software. O’Neil’s software solutions manage multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes. The company also provides barcode tracking, portable printers, laser scanners, wireless handhelds and Web technology featuring RSMobile software. For more information, visit

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