10 Simple Steps for Going Green in Self-Storage

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Seal the Deal

Heat and cooling often escape through cracks in the sealing around windows and doors. To repair cracked seals, use a high-quality sealant. There are also specialty sealants and coatings for rooftops. Check the Inside Self-Storage archives for more on this topic. In addition, include extra insulation whenever possible, and install energy-efficient windows. Also, look for tears in screens. Holes are easy access points for bugs.

Be a Computer Saver

Computers are a necessity in this industry, but they can also be energy-suckers. Make it a habit to keep them in tip-top shape with regular dusting and making any repairs in a timely manner. Another way to save is turning off computers and corresponding power strips when you’re done for the day. Give your computer a rest whenever possible by setting it to go to sleep automatically during short breaks. There are also a number of energy-saving computers, printers and monitors on the market today. When you do upgrade, be sure to recycle your old equipment. You may even get a tax deduction.

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