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10 Simple Steps for Going Green in Self-Storage

Amy Campbell Comments
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Landscaping Basics

Yes, plants are good for the environment. But if you’re constantly watering or using a lot of pesticides it defeats the purpose. Instead of row upon row of semi-annual blossoms, consider planting drought-tolerant native perennials. Not only will these plants require less maintenance, they can also be beauties, blooming at various times each year. To add a splash of color, plant annuals like petunias, daisies and snapdragons in decorative pots in the spring.

While grass is pretty, it needs major upkeep, so keep grass to a minimum. Instead, install rock landscapes, which can also be eye-catching when you use a variety of rock colors and styles. If a fountain feature is desired, explore self-contained systems that recycle the water.

Indoor Pollution

While outdoor pollution is often hyped, few consider indoor pollution—mold, dust, furniture, carpets, plant pollen and various chemicals. Proper ventilation is one way to quash these pollutants. Clean your filters and vents often, and keep air circulating in small, enclosed spaces, such as offices and hallways. If you have windows with screens, open them. Consider propping your door open during nice weather.

Cleaning is your other best defense against indoor pollution. Choose green products to cut back on these toxins because citrus and pine-based solvents can react with the ozone to create formaldehyde. Also, keep the use of pesticides to a minimum and away from any walking areas as they can attach to shoes and clothing.

The Hybrid Advantage

If records storage is part of your business, consider switching your pickup and delivery vehicle to a hybrid. There are a number of affordable hybrids on the market, from small compacts to SUVs. Hybrids combine a battery-powered electric motor, which takes some of the work off the combustion engine, with traditional gas power. Not only will you save big on today’s out-of-control gas prices, hybrids emit less greenhouse gases.

If you regularly use a golf cart, consider investing in a quality bicycle or even a bicycle cart—a bicycle that has built-in storage capacity—to carry general maintenance tools. Or switch to a golf cart that uses batteries instead of gas.

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