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Digital Video Surveillance: A Modern Security Solution

Luz A. Berg Comments
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Centralized management system of cameras allows a single access log in to all your cameras within the network. Unlike DVR systems, where you need to log in separately to every box, you can view all your IP cameras in one dashboard with one log in.

Applications for the Self-Storage Industry

Security. Providing security is a no-brainer. The presence alone of security cameras on your property is a significant form of deterrence. Criminals will shy away from properties with good camera coverage. However, some reckless or desperate criminals will circumvent cameras with disguises, or by covering or destroying cameras. Sure, these activities are recorded. The problem is it’s after the fact. By the time the incident is reviewed, the crime has already been committed and the criminal is long gone.

The only way cameras can be completely effective is when they are consistently monitored. As a busy property owner or manager, who has the time for that? Hiring a security guard to watch the cameras is cost-prohibitive. Not to mention the costs of equipment, a monitoring station, space and software required to do in-house monitoring.

You may not be responsible for a tenants’ property loss, but the probability approaches certainty that you will lose that tenant if you didn’t have adequate security to protect his valuables. Even worse, that customer will be sharing his negative opinion of your facility and won’t recommend your facility to friends and relatives.

There are some companies that offer real-time, digital video surveillance via the Internet at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own dedicated people or a security guard to monitor cameras. This is the newest and most cost-effective way to protect your property and realize the full potential of your investment in a digital IP camera system.

New Residual Revenue. There is very little differentiation in the self-storage industry. You can be creative by employing security as a marketing tool to create that differentiation—and justifiably charging a premium for that difference. Here’s an example. Say you have a 200-unit facility. Designate a “maximum security” area for customers that store more than just old clothes or furniture. Start small. Let customer acceptance finance the growth—two or three cameras can cover a significant number of units—and have a remote surveillance company monitor the cameras in real-time during off hours. You won’t need to hire a dedicated person to monitor the cameras.

Every tenant welcomes extra security, but not everyone is willing to pay a premium. You can market this special section of your facility to customers that store expensive jewelry, cars or use storage units for warehousing or inventory overflow. The shared cost of real-time video monitoring will not be a big burden when spread over several tenants.

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