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Sometimes an invention is so simple yet practical, people wonder why they didn’t think of it first. Such a product is the Tiger Taco, an uncomplicated tool that quickly and easily secures carton flaps flush with the box side and away from the packing space. The device is a round piece of metal folded along its diameter to form a taco shape. It prevents the inconveniences associated with placing and removing items into a box. Like a third-hand, it allows someone quick access into the box space, reduces snags and cuts from the flap edges, and gives a true picture of the volume and contents of a box.

“This is the single, most innovative packaging tool since the invention of the cardboard box,” says co-owner and developer George Pauli.

For a remarkably simple application, there is an extensive amount of product development behind the Tiger Taco patent. The initial utility tool was an inelegant, elongated folded piece of scrap metal used for years by Pauli in his embroidery operation, where textiles are continually removed and replaced into boxes. In a moment of inspiration, Pauli and co-owner Chris Miller realized how the value of bringing it to a market where 25 billion boxes are used annually. “From there, it was a matter of designing a memorable brand and refining the tool to provide the greatest utility in a high-volume production environment,” Pauli says.

Where did the tiger name come from? “I have a fondness for tigers,” Pauli says. And they’re strong. Just like the tool.


The Tiger Taco gives operators a new product to sell to customers, Miller says. The taco’s point-of-purchase display combines hands-on experience with a “wow, that’s cool” factor. “It’s great when a consumer has that ‘eureka’ moment and gets how the Tiger works,” he says. “New storage customers as well as those coming in to pay a bill or purchase moving supplies will be drawn to the taco.”

Owners can help market their facility by placing their logo on the taco for a minimal unit-order cost. The product’s irresistible POP drives impulse sales and adds appeal to even small retail areas. The Tiger Taco is now available on a limited basis through the company’s website for operators who are willing to directly work with the inventors in a consumer-testing environment.

“Our initial stage of distribution is designed to provide the self-storage market with the first taste of the tool in a closed market with a focused retail-consumer base,” Pauli says. “This gives us the ability to measure, refine and respond to their comments.”

Depending on response to the initial distribution, unlimited fulfillment could be available before year’s end. POP kits of 24 are priced at $69.96. Recommended retail is $4.95 per unit. Tiger Taco Industries is an LLC owned by Pauli and Miller.

Its sole focus is on the development of the tool, with logical brand extensions. “The product doesn’t require an extensive management structure, so customer concerns are directly handled by someone who cares about your business,” Miller says.

The Tiger Taco is manufactured in the United States using American-made materials and labor. “We will continue this practice no matter what we do internationally,” Pauli says. “There are several logical brand extensions being developed for the Tiger Taco in the United States and in joint venture with our international partner.” 

For more information, call 480.898.9800; visit

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