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True Love, Not Treachery

Teri L. Lanza Comments
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True Love, Not Treachery

Some regular readers of the magazine and attendees of ISS expos already know this, since the preliminary event took place at our tradeshow in New Orleans last fall. But many do not and, ideally, you only enjoy such an occasion once, so here it is: I’m getting hitched at the end of October.

That being said, those who have been through the process may well remember the crazy, out-of-the-blue questions your future spouse leveled at you during the frenzied months leading up to the ceremony. Most of them are innocent inquiries stemming from bizarre dreams or advice proffered by family and friends. The conversations run the gamut from names for potential offspring and the true story behind past loves, to the ultimate importance of one’s physical appearance and whether macaroni and cheese constitutes an acceptable dinner.

But the real coup de grace, the question of all questions, is the one that goes something like this: “Sixty-some-odd years is a long time, sweetie (honey, sugar, babe, etc.), and there are a lot of attractive men (women) out there. Are you sure you’ll still love me when I’m old? You won’t start looking around for a younger (better, etc.) model?” A negative or uncertain response incites the expected hysteria. But even an appropriate answer, accompanied with the right assurances, gets you a raised eyebrow and the retort: “How can you possibly know what you will feel (think, do, etc.) in 20 (30, 40, etc.) years?”

Unlike marriage, there are situations in which it is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to get something going on the side, and that is in matters of business. When it comes to offering products or services to customers, there is nothing objectionable about venturing into unfamiliar territory and expanding the menu.

In self-storage, the most popular mistresses are merchandising, records storage, boat/RV storage, wine storage and truck rental. Now rivaling these are new beauties: high-security, upscale storage of valuables, small-business and postal services, moving services, and add-on businesses such as car washes and coffee stands. Pay the proper attention to these eye-catchers, and the savvy operator stands to satisfy customers and his own bottom line.

In past issues, we’ve included substantial articles on records, vehicle, wine and mobile storage, as well as truck rental and business-related services. You can find them in our online article archive at Also check out this edition’s add-on business overview, which highlights the pros, cons and pitfalls of popular ancillary options. In addition, this issue takes an in-depth look at car-wash operations, a venture operators like Sherman Self Storage Center in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, have found remarkably successful.

To whichever ancillary offering your particular eye wanders, always investigate potential partners and use caution before investing to avoid regrets. In self-storage, a little something on the side can be the difference between contentment and bliss. Just don’t forget your true love in the process!

Best wishes,

Teri L. Lanza
Editorial Director

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