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Everbrite Inc.

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Everbrite Inc.

Faded, dull doors and metal buildings are a universal problem in the self-storage industry. But they can be refinished to look like new and guarded from the elements with a protective coating offered by Reno, Nev.-based Everbrite Inc. Preventative maintenance pays--owners should seek to protect their self-storage investment. It isn't just a question of aesthetics, it's a matter of maintaining a professional image.

Everbrite coating is an easy-to-apply, one-part, self-leveling, clear coating that refinishes faded and dull surfaces to look new again, bringing out the original color and finish. It also protects surfaces from sun oxidation, fading, salt-air oxidation, acid rain, moisture and other damaging elements.

How It Works

Everbrite can be used to refinish original baked-on paint or repainted surfaces, making faded, chalky doors, metal buildings and signs look like new again. While some repainted surfaces don't show as dramatic a difference as original paint, once they are sealed and protected, they look much nicer and are virtually maintenance-free. Paint that is not baked on will oxidize much faster, and can crack, peel, blister, chip and ruin doors, especially when in multiple layers. Repainted doors generally need to be painted every four to five years.

Dust may settle on Everbrite-coated doors, but it will not penetrate the paint and will rinse off easily. Everbrite's smooth envelope protection prevents the adherence of dirt, fingerprints, diesel carbon, algae, bird droppings and other substances to self-storage doors. Coated doors can maintain their appearance for as long as eight to 15 years, depending on atmospheric conditions. When the gloss begins to dull, all that's needed is to rinse off the doors and reapply. The Everbrite process does not even interrupt day-to-day business operations--the coating dries very quickly, allowing tenants access to their units in just minutes.

How Much to Use

For approximately 1,200 square feet or 17 to 20 large roll-up doors

  • 1 gallon Everbrite protective coating
  • 1 quart concentrated deoxidizing cleaner
  • One building-cleaning brush

For approximately 6,000 square feet or 90 to 100 large roll-up doors

  • 5 gallons Everbrite protective coating
  • 5 gallons concentrated deoxidizing cleaner
  • One to two building-cleaning brushes

For approximately 12,000 square feet or 180 to 200 large roll-up doors

  • 10 gallons Everbrite protective coating
  • 5 gallons concentrated deoxidizing cleaner
  • Two building-cleaning brushes

For approximately 24,000 square feet or 400 large roll-up doors

  • 20 gallons Everbrite protective coating
  • 5 gallons concentrated deoxidizing cleaner
  • Three building-cleaning brushes

Everbite vs. Paint: A Cost Comparison

Before and After

Even though paint's cost per gallon is less than that of Everbrite, due to coverage, its cost per square foot is actually greater. The cost of labor for prepping surfaces for the application of Everbrite coating or paint are about the same--chalking must be removed for proper adhesion of either. However, the cost of labor is higher for painting because of the necessity for masking. Subsequent applications of paint can have a much higher cost because that paint will chip, crack and peel, creating the need for sanding and other additional prep work. The application of coating requires no masking--and causes no overspray problems or risk of damage to customers' goods. When all is said and done, paint costs 12 to 18 cents per square foot in materials, while Everbrite costs only 10 to 13 cents per square foot in materials--or about $8 per large roll-up door.

Check It Out

For a free copy of a demonstration video, which shows the various Everbrite applications, call 800.897.9629; e-mail; visit or A starter kit is available for $40 plus $5.50 for shipping and handling. The kit includes the video, 8 ounces of deoxidizing concentrate and 1 pint of Everbrite (enough to refinish approximately 150 square feet or three to four large roll-up doors). Referrals and testimonials are available upon request.

Everbrite Inc. has recently entered into an agreeement with Minico Inc. of Phoenix to market its product to the self-storage industry. Everbrite protective coating can also be purchased through Minico at 800.562.7900.

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