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Launching a Call Center

Stan Colona Comments
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By Stan Colona

Full-Service vs. Support

How It Works

The Benefits

More Rentals

  • By extending the operating hours of a facility via phone coverage, calls missed during after-business hours are minimized. Calls missed during office hours are eliminated completely.
  • Reservation agents are trained and given incentives to produce reservations that result in move-ins. This is their focus. Agents never miss a call because they are showing a storage unit on a property or executing other duties managers are responsible for.
  • In operations with multiple sites, the call center can direct customers to sites with availability and maximize an operator's overall occupancy.

More Effective Marketing Feedback

  • The call center allows operators to effectively track responses to marketing efforts, such as pricing policies and promotions. Phone volumes can be isolated and analyzed after a specific program has been implemented.
  • In a center servicing multiple sites, the phone center allows customers to shop a market for price without having to call the competition. Allowing the customer to make one call and find the most convenient location, best price and right type of storage for his needs increases customer service.
  • With a roll-over center, an operator will know the volume of calls being left unanswered at a facility during office hours. This will allow the operator more information to evaluate the property staffing.

Increased Standardized Service

  • Most callers do not prefer to leave a message on an answering machine. Phone centers decrease or eliminate the chances a caller will ever be answered by a machine.
  • Callers receive a consistent sales presentation when they speak to a professional customer-service agent, as opposed to calling individual facilities, which can result in varying levels of professionalism.

Some Obstacles

Stan Colona is one of the founders of XPS Services LLC of Dallas. He and his partner, Brad Boyd, have combined industry expertise of more than 20 years. They have managed more than 300 properties, supervised more than 600 managers and visited an estimated 2,500 facilities. Known as the "Agents of Change," Mr. Colona and Mr. Boyd offer cutting-edge consulting services to self-storage operators. For more information, visit their three websites at, or

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