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Inside Self-Storage Magazine 3/99: Ask The Waldmans

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M-m-m-m, That's Good

DEAR WALDMANS: This is the best job I have ever had in my life. I love the business, enjoy the people and like walking to work. However, there seems to be one problem: I evidently have enjoyed the job more than I realized. Recently, I grabbed my uniform out of the closet, and as I was zipping the skirt, I realized it wouldn't go up all the way. I had to lie down on the bed to get it closed. This was a rude awakening for me. I worked the entire day feeling uncomfortable and even a little grumpy at times. This was literally affecting my job. I loved this job and now, I seemed to have very little patience for the telephone or the people. It was all I could do to sit at my desk. I was really having a hard time breathing because my skirt was choking my waistline.

Now, I knew I was in trouble and had to do something fast. It really was a shock to realize that I suddenly had gained all that weight. As reality started to hit me, I knew I didn't gain it all that quickly. Even though I walk the facility taking potential tenants to see units and walk from my apartment to work, I knew I didn't really walk to work. After all, my front door was nearly next to the front door of the office. I had been kidding myself about my weight. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of this extra 20 pounds I seem to have found? I absolutely refuse to tell my supervisor that I need new uniforms because I have gained so much weight!


DEAR DISGUSTED: We have to work hard to be healthy. What you eat and when you eat it affects how you feel--both mentally and physically--throughout the day. Your loss of patience for your clients is very threatening, not only for your job, but for you. It really is an awakening when suddenly the clothes we have worn daily become too tight. That in itself will make you very irritable.

First, let's look at what you eat during the day and when you eat it. If you eat breakfast but find you're sluggish and cranky by midmorning, then you are eating the wrong breakfast. Try foods high in energy such as pumpernickel toast, a hard-boiled egg, orange juice and tea or coffee with skim milk, no sugar. This will raise your energy levels and put you in a better morning mood. Your coffee break could include a banana and tea or coffee with skim milk, no sugar. Your body has used up most of that food energy, so eat a small snack to stay energized. Fruit is healthier and more satisfying than the empty calories you would get from a doughnut. Lunch should be around 500 calories--and watch out for fat grams. A pasta salad is a good choice with a little protein (cheese or meat), mineral water and an apple. Anything more than 500 calories will make you sluggish.

After closing the office for the evening, try to exercise. Some of us don't realize that even though we walk a lot during the day, it is not a consistent fast walk to get the heart rate up. So, invest in a small treadmill for your apartment or walk around the facility two or three times at least three times a week. Supper should consist of a meat (not fried), such as chicken, with a baked potato and broccoli. Don't forget the mineral water. After dinner, drink a glass or two of water to completely re-hydrate. Treat yourself to a cup of yogurt so you don't wake up hungry during the night. Keep a journal of everything you eat during the day. Congratulate yourself on eating and exercising to stay healthy. Pretty soon that skirt will zip to the top. You will never have to ask the facility owner for a bigger size skirt!

A father-daughter team, the Waldmans are self-storage owners/operators and attorneys. In addition, Ms. Waldman holds a master's degree in labor and employment law from Georgetown University. The Waldmans are co-authors of the industry's leading series of books on self-storage operations: Getting Started, Forms, Policies & Procedures and South Carolina Tools. Another creation of Ask The Waldmans are their colorful posters designed exclusively for the self-storage industry. Comments and questions for ASK THE WALDMANS may be sent to: The Waldmans, P.O. Box 21416, Charleston, SC 29413.

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