Supplier Spotlight: TVM Building Products

TVM Building Products, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of sealing and energy-conservation products, has supplied reflective-foil insulation, polyurethane foams, sealants, silicone fire-stops and fillers to other construction-related markets since 1997. Now it serves the storage industry too. The success of our insulation generated a huge increase in demand for our products, says Mike Boulding, president and CEO. Bringing our expertise to self-storage seemed like a natural progression.

Condensation, the Hidden Destroyer

Extreme disparity between the interior and exterior temperature of a metal storage unit causes it to sweat, especially in a climate-controlled environment. Factors such as building height, ventilation and unit size make interior condensation an ongoing problem for facilities, Boulding says.

TVMs reflective insulation, rFOIL, provides thermal and vapor-barrier protection plus a bright interior finish for metal buildings. It also reduces heat gain up to 80 percent and decreases mold and fungi. The product has bubble layers that form a second line of defense against interior condensation and subsequent raining into the units. Much like a double or triple-pane window reduces condensation on interior glass surfaces, the bubble layers in the product are equally effective at controlling moisture in self-storage buildings, explains Boulding.

TVM is the only bubble-foil manufacturer that offers a Class 1/A fire rating in a white-poly facing, Boulding says. Although most similar products are a Class 2/B, some municipal codes require a top rating for exposed interior facing, especially in public facilities. Though TVMs facings also come in aluminum, it recommends white for self-storage applications. Owners can choose a single or double layer of bubble depending on interior-condensation risk.

From Canada to the World

TVM was formed as a partnership with Covertech Fabricating Inc., a manufacturer of plastic products. Its headquarters are in Acton, Ontario, with a manufacturing site in Etobicoke, Ontario. Products are shipped worldwide from warehouses in Johnstown, Pa., Kansas City, Kan., and South Bend, Ind.

TVMs goal is to provide cost-effective solutions for new construction and retrofit projects, and its mission is threefold: manufacture, market and distribute products worldwide; offer innovative and profitable solutions; and exceed customers expectations with exceptional service. With our nationwide distribution points, full technical support and a trained sales force, we can service the market better than our competitors, he says. The company grossed $28 million in sales last year alone.

TVM has grown from three to 85 employees in less than eight years. In addition, 120 field reps work with customers in Central America, Europe, Japan and North America. What does the outfit look for in an employee? A passion to do his job and serve the customer is the most important factor, Boulding says.

To assist those unfamiliar with TVM products, the company has developed a two-day training program for employees and reps. In addition, it employs market specialists to work with reps in supporting clients. Since reflective insulation is relatively new to the self-storage industry, we have to inform the architects, manufacturers, dealers and contractors about its benefits, says Boulding.

Growing in the Future

Expansion is the watchword for TVMs strategy. We will continue to grow our business globally and already have distribution agreements for our products in Central America, Japan, Scandinavia and Western Europe, Boulding says. Supply facilities are slated to be built in Huntsville Ala., and Las Vegas in the next two years.

With an emphasis on partnerships, TVM targets specific markets, developing solutions for each industry. This year, it launched three new products. In addition to physical expansion, were convinced that reflective insulation and radiant barriers will have a growing impact on energy-saving efforts in the future, Boulding says. The company intends to lead the market through innovative new offerings.

As energy costs continue to rise, the operation of climate-controlled storage will become more expensive. Fortunately, TVM will be there to help facility owners recover costs. For more information, call 888.699.1645; visit

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