Steel Storage Group

Steel Storage Group
A global player

One of the true international builders of self-storage facilities, the Steel Storage Group is an award-winning global company currently experiencing strong growth in exports to international markets. From its head office and manufacturing plant in Brisbane, Australia, the company designs, manufactures and ships self-storage partitioning systems and buildings to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Portugal, France, Austria and other European countries, and most recently to Japan.

The Steel Storage Group has been involved in the construction and ownership of self-storage facilities since the industry's early days in Australia. The company now employs more han 40 staff members in offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and France. Collectively, the company's directors and managers represent more than 50 years experience in the self-storage industry. They are regarded by many as pioneers who have provided training based in design and construction.


Founding Director Brian Perry oversees the Australian operation, which includes the factory in Brisbane, a sales office in Melbourne and a proposed sales office in Sydney. Perry, with a background in architecture, has more than 40 years experience in steel construction and 16 years experience in the self-storage industry. He is supported by a strong Australian team, including Manager Rodger Giles, who has more than 35 years experience in engineering and steel construction and close to 12 years experience in self-storage.

In Australia, Steel Storage designs, manufactures and installs for companies such as Millers Self-Storage, Fort Knox, Storage King, Austcorp and many other smaller groups.

United Kingdom and Europe

The London sales office opened in December 1996 under the management of co-founding Director Jonathan Perrins, who has a strong background in sales and marketing and 16 years experience in the self-storage industry. This was quickly followed by a full manufacturing plant with two separate premises in Twickenham, United Kingdom. There is also a sales office in Paris and a proposed factory in the planning stages in Lille, France.

The company now enjoys a market share of approximately 60 percent of self-storage in the United Kingdom. It has recently designed and erected a self-storage building that is the single largest in the United Kingdom and Europe, and one of the largest in the world. The first stage of the facility, manufactured and exported from Brisbane and erected in Reading, United Kingdom, consisted of approximately 1,000 units. Initially constructed for the Hampson family of British Self-Storage, the building is now owned by the Mentmore-Abbey Group and is currently known as Abbey Space Base.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, the Steel Storage Group designs, manufactures and installs self-storage for companies such as Access Self-Storage, Big Yellow, Mentmore-Abbey, Keepsafe with Home Box, City Box, Shurguard, Allsafe and others.

New Zealand

The New Zealand operation is run by a third director who manages the sales office in Auckland, covering both islands. Here the company's clients include Lock & Leave, National Self-Storage, Kiwi Self-Storage and Local Lockup. In New Zealand, where occupancies are steadily increasing, nearly 50 percent of self- storage is owned by large multifacility operators as opposed to single operators.


Steel Storage is currently finalizing negotiations to enter the Asian market via the design of facilities in Japan.

Award-Winning, World-Class Designs

Thanks to its ongoing commitment to research and development and its international experience, the Steel Storage Group now enjoys approximately 60 percent of the market both in Australia and the United Kingdom. In both countries, the company's designs have consistently won every major industry award for facilities including proprietary products such as mezzanine floors, covered roadways and hallway-partitioning systems.

The company's building and partitioning systems are considered superior by many overseas experts because they have been built specifically for the self-storage industry and can fit all roll-a-doors. The Steel Storage internal partitions are adaptable, flexible and resistant to break-ins from adjoining units. They are also self-supporting and do not require obtrusive bracing. Hallway panels and soffiting systems are manufactured from a high-gloss, heavy-duty white coil manufactured exclusively for Steel Storage.

PTI Australasia

One of the companies in the Steel Storage Group is PTI Australasia, which distributes the products of PTI Access Control Systems, an American supplier of self-storage security systems. PTI Australasia has been Australia's leading supplier of security and access control for more than 14 years. Manager Robert Broadbent's extensive technical background in the industry includes 20 years experience in a number of roles including service, supervision, management and project engineering.

Steel Storage Group

For United Kingdom/Europe, contact:
Steel Storage UK Ltd.
Jonathan Perrins
E-mail: [email protected] 
Phone: +44 (0) 20 87 44 94 44
Fax: +44 (0) 20 87 44 91 27

For Australia/New Zealand, contact:
Steel Storage Australia Pty Ltd.
Rodger Giles
E-mail: [email protected]  
Phone: +61 (0) 7 38 65 1600
Fax +61 (0) 7 38 65 1713

For France, contact:
Steel Storage France
Jonathan Perrins
E-mail: [email protected] 
Phone: +44 (0) 20 87 44 94 44
Fax: +44 (0) 20 87 44 91 27

For international, contact:
Steel Storage International
Brian Perry
E-mail: [email protected] 
Phone: +61 266 804 220
Fax: +61 266 804 221

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