Real Estate: Year 2000

Real Estate: Year 2000

I don't know about you, but talking about the end of the century still seems a little strange. All through the '90s, it just sort of loomed out there, at least a few years away. Not anymore. It's 1999--where did the time go? I've always been told that as you get older, time only seems to move faster. For me, this has held true, with seemingly every year moving faster and faster.

But as we move full-steam ahead towards the year 2000, it pretty much forces us to take a look both backward and forward. In the real-estate industry, looking backward presents a good view. The last five years have been very strong, to say the least. Looking forward, though, isn't quite as clear--according to Michael McCune of Argus Self Storage Sales Network. McCune gives us his thoughts--along with some other industry veterans--on the real-estate situation facing self-storage as we hit 1999.

When you're looking for a business or service in your town, what is generally the first place you look? The Yellow Pages? Probably. I know I do, along with hoards of other folks not only looking for the best price on things, but also location and quality. If you're an owner or operator of a self-storage facility, there may be nothing more important to keeping your site filled than a good Yellow Pages ad. Check out Michael Zervas' article, about how to make the most of your Yellow Pages ad money.

Continuing with the features this month is Aziz Khan of Heller Financial. Khan explains how self-storage is now gaining respect as a viable business in the public eye.

Don't forget to check out the collection of our regular columns this month--including the first of a new bi-monthly column by industry favorite and self-storage consultant Jim Chiswell. It's called "Thoughts From The Road." Also, continuing his monthly marketing piece, Harley Rolfe introduces self-storage to traditional marketing concepts of obtaining and keeping business.

Last but not least, if you're reading this at the Inside Self-Storage Expo in Las Vegas, stop by our booth and say hello. We always enjoy meeting our readers and getting your thoughts on the magazine and industry in general. If you're reading this after the show, we hope you had a terrific and knowledgeable time, and we hope to see you again at a future event.

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Tom Brecke

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