PTI Integrated Systems

When Lance Comstock, veteran self-storage security expert, acquired Preferred Technology Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., in 1998, he envisioned a one-stop global company capable of delivering state-of-the-art security and management systems to the self-storage industry. With strategic expansion and product enhancements, that vision has become reality.

Over the past four years, PTI Access Control Systems expanded its already national operation to Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and New Zealand. All of the company's offices--including its corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, PTI East in Baltimore, and international offices in London (PTI Europe) and in Brisbane, Australia (PTI Australasia)--have streamlined their operations to accommodate this tremendous growth. With more than 88 team members worldwide, each department--from business development to project management/installation to technical support--has been restructured to serve customers efficiently with the most progressive service and products in the industry.

July saw the company's acquisition of Real Management Systems, the unveiling of the technically advanced Apex Series keypads and wireless door alarms, and the emergence of new corporate branding. Now, PTI Integrated Systems is ready to lead a progressive new era in the global self-storage market.

Reliable Security Systems

PTI continues to deliver its faithful Falcon security system and reliable keypads with optional features to provide secure control of each facility. It also still offers its hardwired individual door alarms, lighting, CCTV digital surveillance and facility-communication systems. Integrating the Falcon security system with the user friendly, Windows-based Falcon 2000 security system allows easy maintenance and flexibility, so multiple facilities can be managed from a single location using secure Internet technology. The Falcon systems interface with most industry-management software systems. With the invaluable feature of being a stand-alone system, the Falcon even ensures security will be maintained in case of a power outage or computer failure.

Technically Advanced Security Systems

In July, PTI was pleased to unveil its newest line of security products: Apex Series keypads and the new 900MHz spread spectrum wireless door-alarm system. The Apex Series keypads have many additional features, including CodeExpress, and enhanced functionality for greater interaction between the system and user in an updated attractive case. The technology of the Apex Series allows for future enhancements to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the self-storage operator. PTI's new 900MHz spread spectrum wireless door-alarm system uses wireless technology to make retrofitting any facility hassle-free and very affordable .

SiteMaster interactive graphics display all facility activities in high-resolution, color-coded graphics with smooth panning and split-screen views of the entire facility. SiteMaster Graphics ties in with the CCTV digital surveillance and facility-communications system to provide a live view of every part of the facility.

Management Software

The PTI TaskMaster management system is a customer-based account-management system that runs on any Windows operating system. PTI uses the most progressive programming tools to allow maximum flexibility and database security.

TaskMaster allows operators to build a complete customer profile and account history and maintain customer data in a fully searchable database. The system tracks and manages delinquent accounts, and generates standard reports on facility financials, space efficiency and utilization, collections, daily deposits, and more. Reports can be produced manually or be completely automated. With up-to-the-minute account information readily available, TaskMaster provides comprehensive data that can be used for detailed business analysis and target-marketing campaigns designed to increase revenues for self-storage facilities.

PTI has secured TaskMaster with multiple levels of user security to ensure operators have access to the information they need when they need it, while restricting access to sensitive information to owners and/or management personnel only. Because the system is customer-based rather than unit-based, managers can easily assign multiple units to a single customer, consolidate customer billing, and process multiunit customers with a one-step payment process.

Integration of E-Commerce

With the addition of TaskMaster's online reservation/payment system, prospective customers can select, lease and set up automatic billing of their storage space from their homes via the Internet without any interaction with the on-site manager. Current tenants of the facility with Internet access can make credit-card payments directly posted to their accounts within TaskMaster.

Integration--The Complete Management System

When integrated, PTI security and management systems work as one to control and manage all aspects of a storage facility. An interactive graphics program displays not only the physical activity on a site, but the account status and retention of all historical information of each customer, including facility access. This makes the PTI Integrated Systems management-control system one of the most progressive and powerful management tools available in the global self-storage industry.

Between its technical achievements and the acquisition of a progressive management software system, PTI has elevated its level of sophistication in a seamless, integrated management-control system. All of these elements, combined with expert consulting services and project management, professional installation and reliable customer support, have allowed the company to be a leading global provider of integrated security and management software systems.

For more information, visit or call 480.991.1259.
Elizabeth Attree is a freelance writer based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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