The Mobile Attic

After working in the trailer-leasing industry, Mobile Attic Owner Pete Cash wanted to develop an attractive product he could offer customers, one they wouldn’t be ashamed to have delivered to their homes. At the time, he didn’t have many residential customers—old trailers were not something people enjoyed displaying in front of their yards.

This opened up a whole new market for Cash Brothers Leasing Inc., owned by brothers Pete and Russ Cash. In 2000, The Mobile Attic was incorporated and began operating as a separate entity from the previous leasing company. During that same year, it joined forces with National Security Group Inc., an insurance company based out of Elba, Ala., to assist with the financing for such a large undertaking.

In the past three years, the company has grown to 15 dealerships in three states: Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. It now offers franchise agreements to selfstorage operators nationwide.

“By offering this as a franchise arrangement to mini warehouse owners, they receive the expertise to operate in new markets without having to waste valuable time developing the product and service,” Cash says. “Customers in the storage industry are demanding a more convenient option, and we are proud to offer an innovative product that will complement self-storage owners’ current product line.”

A Special Product

The Mobile Attic offers four different standard portable-storage units: 8-by-8 feet, 8-by-16, 8-by-20 and 8-by-40. The company also has several custom units, including those with climate control and storage racks, as well as others made to customer specifications. For example, one company requested brown modular units to match the brick on its building!

Mobile Attic—or the franchisee— delivers, picks up and moves containers from an original to a new location or back to its own storage facility. It has a patented trailer to transport larger units from site to site. Smaller units are transported on a smaller truck. Neither vehicle requires the driver have a commercial driver’s license to operate.

What makes Mobile Attic units so exceptional? They do not leak, are very clean, and are much more attractive than the old ISO trailers. They feature ground-floor access, which is much safer than trailers up on wheels. Finally, portable storage works well in combination with self-storage, giving owners a new profit center and an advantage over competition.

A few other valuable features of the company and its product include:

  • Mobile Attic offers a full line of imprinted packing supplies available at its various locations, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.
  • There has been a large demand for the product from insurance companies for clients who have experienced a loss and need temporary storage.
  • Many residential customers use portable storage for renovation projects and relocating.

In the Attic’s Future

The Mobile Attic is currently expanding nationally through franchise locations. The company is in the process of building a new manufacturing facility to keep up with high demand from residential customers.

The addition will increase the company’s production space to more than 100,000 square feet, feature the latest RTM technology, and allow Mobile Attic to build more than 100 new units per day.

As an innovator in mobile-storage units, The Mobile Attic is achieving notoriety, respect and increased market share. The company brings the storage solution to the customer’s location, providing secure storage with immediate access. It will continue to grow by opening additional storage facilities and developing complementary products. For more information, visit

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