A-Lert Building Systems

A-Lert Building Systems
Providing quality, service and performance

A-Lert Building Systems, a division of Centurion Industries Inc., is a San Antonio-based manufacturer, supplier and erector of pre-engineered self-storage and commercial buildings. Bringing considerable knowledge of self-storage design, planning, fabrication and construction to its customers is the ongoing goal of this diverse company.

Diversity in Construction

Centurion Industries Inc., based in Garrett, Ind., entered into the storage-building business as a complement to its other operating divisions, including:

  • A-Lert Construction Services, a supplier of millwrights and other general construction services, specializing in the agricultural processing and refining industry;
  • TFC Canopy, a manufacturer and installer of metal-roof canopies in the gas- station, convenience-store and rental-car markets;
  • A-Lert Roof Systems, a manufacturer and installer of retrofit, standing-seam, metal roofs in the commercial market;
  • M&M Electric, an electrical contractor in the food-processing industry that specializes in pneumatic conveying systems; and
  • A-Lert Fire Systems, a provider of fire suppression systems for commercial buildings.

The company also has an independent safety department that audits compliance on all divisions in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Benefitting from the wealth of resources provided by this network of knowledge and expertise, A-Lert Building Systems is a fast-growing supplier in self-storage. By building relationships within the company and the industry, A-Lert provides its clients a diverse base of construction services with one simple philosophy: Supply the customer with a quality product, unending customer service, and scheduled performance in design and construction.

This is accomplished by following a few of the company's fundamental principles:

  • Keep the customer involved in the overall process, listening to his needs and providing for him.
  • Select quality products and utilize quality-control measures to ensure the best finished product.
  • Utilize the divisions' assets to ensure performance to the customer in the construction of his project.

Strength in People

When asked for the biggest factor in the company's success, Jimmy Anderson, divisions president, says, "being a single-source supplier, from design through construction" would be near the top of the list. "The financial strength and stability of our parent company provides comfort for new and potential customers," he adds.

Flexibility in design and construction are also beneficial to A-Lert's clients. "This allows us to think outside the box with the owner whenever an odd situation arises, such as a not-so-perfect piece of real estate," Anderson says. However, he does not hesitate to point out the company's most valuable asset is its employees. "We have been very fortunate to put together a group of professionals in all phases of our organization--manufacturing, sales, construction purchasing, administration and engineering. We also chose not to segregate customer service into a separate department, instead training all our people to be customer-service representatives and get involved with our clients. To steal a phrase, 'People make it happen,'" Anderson adds.

For the Future

So what does the future hold for a fast-growing supplier such as A-Lert Building Systems? Strengthening current client relationships, building a new base with the national and regional chains, and continuing to grow the employees are all key factors. Product development will also be instrumental in the growth.

According to Anderson, "We are continuing to see more requirements for buildings that are aesthetically pleasing. We have several new products we are looking at within the scope of our building. Probably the most exciting is a product we are currently using at TFC Canopy. It is an architectural composite of metal and plastic that can be rolled, curved, bent, routed, milled and formed using special equipment we have at our Indiana facility. The flexibility of the product and varied availability of finishes makes it very attractive. We are currently exploring potential applications in the storage industry, and we are very excited by the possibilities."

For more information on A-Lert and the services it provides, or to get quotes on a self-storage project, call 800.210.5375; www.centurionind.com.

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