Inside Self-Storage Magazine 01/2001: Seaworth Safe Sales

Seaworth Safe Sales
The evolution of a security business

Bill Seaworth, owner of Seaworth Safe Sales in Fort Collins, Colo., prides himself on being an entrepreneur. In addition to his popular Fort Knox safes, his business dealings have encompassed such diverse areas as agricultural farming and livestock, hunting and fishing clubs, firearms and self-storage.

Having grown up on a farm, Seaworth became involved in his family's livestock business. The farm's ponds provided great fishing, and the grounds yielded game for seasonal hunting. This background, accompanied by Seaworth's innate business savvy, lead to his eventual establishment of hunting and fishing clubs. In 1982, he opened a small gun and sport shop. Seaworth wished to provide his customers both equipment and adventure, insisting on absolute quality in his products. This meant providing top-name guns and a means to store and secure them. He felt this level of quality brought his customers back time and again.

The sale of firearms necessitated the provision of secure storage. As gun safes became the lion's share of Seaworth's business, it wasn't long before other types of secured storage came in demand. In 1993, when Seaworth began construction on ABC Storage Units, he extended his philosophy of quality to this venture, making the facility well-lit and extremely secure. The demand for additional security, along with Seaworth's tendency to "go the extra mile," resulted in the inclusion of his Fort Knox safes in the storage units.

Seaworth has been building premium safes and vaults for more than 15 years. In those years, the company has striven to lead the security industry in technology and innovation. With an industry standard being set by the largest nonprofit consumer-protection organization, Underwriters Laboratory, Fort Knox customers get peace of mind in knowing their safe is one of only a handful that have passed the rigorous laboratory testing. They can be certain their guns, family heirlooms, coin and card collections, legal papers, investment records, photo albums, cameras, house-hold inventory and sentimental items will be secure.

These days, Seaworth has expanded his business into retirement villages, charging a small monthly rental fee for use of his safes. He says his Fort Knox safe is "a quality product coupled with a quality service, and folks are willing to pay a fair price for it." For more information, call 800.821.5216 or visit

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