Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations

According to Proverbs (21:17), "He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man; he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich." But I prefer the sentiments of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Give me wine to wash me clean from the weather-stains of care."

Operators of this industry have recently uncovered a new niche business: wine storage. Though not appropriate for every market, it has earned popularity in areas offering no viable alternative for storing such collections. At the Inside Self-Storage Expo in Nashville this year, industry gurus Jim Chiswell and Joe Niemczyk joined George McCord of Southeast Storage and Development in a presentation on this ancillary's potential. George's facility, Plantation Self Storage, Bluffton, S.C., features 88 wine-storage lockers with a total capacity for 2,032 cases of wine. He shares information on construction costs, rental averages, facility layout, presentation and more. Though wine-storage revenues can be attractive, what's more important is how it can differentiate your project from others in your area.

This time of year is generally one of celebration for family, customers and employees. Regardless of your individual holiday traditions, creating a festive environment this season will not only brighten people's spirits, but generate warm sentiments about your business within the local community. Refer to page 60 for ideas on decorating for the holidays. And however you choose to celebrate, keep in mind that gatherings involving alcohol can cause liabilities for you as an employer and business owner. Fred Steingold warns against some common legal risks.

Also in this issue, Jeff Kinder emphasizes the importance of regularly evaluating and pricing your self-storage product. Regardless of what climate of competition you may face, it is crucial not to undervalue your facility. R.K. Kliebenstein takes a close look at employment issues, addressing questions such as: When is the time for a staffing change? What will a change cost my business? and How can I better solve my business challenges?

At the turn of the century in England, it was a custom for the host of a fashionable dinner party to choose both the giver and subject of a toast. During one such gathering, Nobel Prize-winning writer George Bernard Shaw was asked to tip his glass and toast to the then taboo topic of sex. In a marvelous comeback that observed propriety, Shaw graciously quipped, "It gives me great pleasure." I hope this issue, too, delights you.

Happy Holidays,

Teri L. Lanza
[email protected]

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