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Annoying a Self-Storage Manager

Blogger Amy Campbell asked Self-Storage Talk forum members about their top customer pet peeves. Late payers and trash made the list.

A few weeks ago I came across a funny article about ways to annoy a flight attendant. Animals and screaming kids, of course, made the list. I posted a thread that day on Self-Storage Talk asking forum users to rattle off some of their customer pet peeves.

Wow, did we get an amazing response. Among the top offensive tenant moves: leaving trash behind, paying the bill late, unruly kids and chronic cell phone users.

Forum members also shared some funny signs they’d post on their counters if they could. Signs like, “In cash we trust, checks not so much.” Texanadian even suggested creating a telephone directory of excuses: Press 1 for my grandma died again.

What are your pet peeves? Post them below or join the discussion at Self-Storage Talk.

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