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Every year I sift through the plethora of mail imploring me to donate to various causes. And I do. Not to all of them of course, but to six or seven. Most of my charity dollars go to environmental groups such as Greenpeace and The Sierra Club or animal welfare including the ASPCA and The United States Equine Rescue League. I also contribute to human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and those that advocate for women’s rights including The National Organization for Women. I can’t send much but I feel I am contributing in a small way to the betterment of our world.

In trying to determine what I can support it seems as if many groups are working in the same field. Saving the forest seems to go hand in hand with saving the wilderness. Confusing much.

Then last week ISS ran a short news item about Robert Chiti, president and CEO of Phoenix-based OpenTech Alliance Inc. who hiked the Grand Canyon on May 25 to raise funds for The Hunger Project. This organization is new on my radar so I had to check it out. The work is inspiring.

The Hunger Project’s mission statement says it is committed to ending world hunger by empowering women and men to end their own hunger. I love the part that says “empowering women.” In fact, that is the organization’s highest priority. As an advocate of women rights, this especially appeals to me. The organization recognizes that in underdeveloped countries women bear the primary responsibilities for feeding their families. But the organization goes on to say these very same women are denied information, resources and a voice in decisions affecting their lives.

Take a look at this wonderful organization. Maybe dig a little into your budget to send a donation. I did.

And a huge bravo to Robert Chiti for taking action and bringing the group to our attention.

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