'Self-Storage' Horror Film Begins Production at Facility in Rhode Island
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Posted on: 07/12/2012


Early production work on the horror film “Self Storage,” starring Eric Roberts, Jonathan Silverman and Michael Berryman, began this week at an undisclosed self-storage facility in East Greenwich, R.I. Although the bulk of the cast has yet to arrive on set, lead actor Tom DeNucci was filmed on Tuesday swinging on a rope to a dry-docked sailboat.

DeNucci plays Jake, a night watchman at a highly secured self-storage facility. Under the film’s premise, Jake’s friends are home from college and looking to party, so he invites them to his work to indulge in a night of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. However, the characters find themselves trapped in an evening of pure terror.

Production will take a few weeks, with the crew reportedly shooting 90 percent of the film in East Greenwich.

“Self-Storage” is the third film developed by Woodhaven Production Co. and Verdi Productions. In addition to his starring role, DeNucci has a producer credit alongside Chad A. Verdi and is directing. The film has a targeted release date of March 2013.