Texturglas Architectural Wall Finish System
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Posted on: 03/21/2008

The Texturglas Architectural Wall Finish System from Roos International is an environmentally friendly collection of textured designer wall finishes with many high-performance features including mold and mildew control. Texturglas can strengthen, stabilize and protect new and existing walls with its woven design process that turns glass textile yarns into beautiful textures. When finished with a latex paint, the coverings do not trap moisture. The material is reusable, recyclable and emits no VOCs. Texturglas can be customized with patterns and logos or any type of paint finish or color. They can be repainted rather than replaced when it's time to redecorate. For projects registered under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System, Texturglas can assist in securing potential credit points in several different categories. Info: www.roosintl.com