Let's hear it for Jeff!
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Posted on: 03/07/2006



After the day I had yesterday, it was really nice to see something positive this morning. One of the first things in my inbox today was a message from long-time ISS supporter Jim Chiswell, letting me know our legal guru/speaker/writer, Jeff Greenberger, is featured in today's Cincinnatti Enquirer. The article is about Jeff's role in the self-storage business, namely his law firm, Katz, Greenberger & Norton LLP, and new online information portal, www.selfstoragelegal.com.


Congratulations to Jeff on such a wonderful spotlight piece! It's refreshing to see the business being discussed in such a healthy way. Of course, I shouldn't have expected anything less—Jeff is always making valuable contributions to this business. (It's a great photo too. Did he wear that blue tie on purpose?)