PathMaster Composite LED Bollard
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Posted on: 02/21/2008


Chloride System's PathMaster Composite LED Bollard is an outdoor architectural fixture designed to provide energy-efficient illumination of walkways, decks, sidewalks and landscape areas for normal and emergency use. Incorporating LED technology, each light engine uses three high-performance, long-life, low-maintenance, white LEDs for illumination and can be applied from one to all four sides of the bollard to maximize path of egress. The bollard can be readily affixed by an anchor base, lag bolts or direct burial. The power system provides normal and emergency power support. The bollard is fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced polymers. All exposed hardware is stainless steel, and the light engines are constructed of die-cast aluminum. Standard finishes include black, bronze and white. Custom finishes are also available. Info: