Millions Found Stashed in Self-Storage Unit in Brisbane Australia
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Posted on: 10/16/2012


A routine traffic check by police on Sunday led to the discovery of millions of dollars stored in small travel bags and backpacks in a unit at Kennards Self Storage in Brisbane, Australia. In addition to the money, police also found a sawn-off rifle.

The discovery happened after a 32-year-old motorcyclist evaded a routine traffic check at Kangaroo Point just before 9 p.m. He was later stopped by police near Fortitude Valley. Police reported the man was carrying a knife and 50 grams of methamphetamine or speed. He also gave police false identification.

A search of the man’s home in South Brisbane uncovered a semi-automatic handgun, steroids several kilograms of drugs police believe to be speed or cocaine, and a taser in his car. During the search, police also found documentation regarding the rental unit. They executed a late-night raid of the unit, confiscating the cash and weapon. The man will face weapon and drug-trafficking charges.

Family-owned Kennards Self Storage operates 74 facilities in Australia in New Zealand. The company offers personal and business storage, wine storage, RV and boat storage, gun storage and deposit boxes.