Universal Door-Drive Mounting System
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Posted on: 04/22/2009


JanUS Door, a manufacturer of coiling sheet doors, hallway partitions and rolling steel doors for the self-storage and other markets, released its universal rolling-steel, door-drive mounting system. The factory, pre-punched headplates match up with unique, inexpensive transition brackets that allow for new or retrofit mounting of chain hoists or front of hood mount operators with only two bolts. JanUS offers chain-hoist operation with sprocket and roller-chain reduction or cast-gear reduction by using the same pre-punched, universal transition bracket. Motor installation is enhanced and simplified by another pre-punched, universal transition bracket that mounts to the headplate and locks after tensioning the drive chain. No field drilling is required for new or retrofit installation when using the JanUS drive systems, which can be quickly and easily retrofitted to any existing door.