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  • Meeting Demand
    Boat and RV Storage The wave of the future By R. David Mattiza Having been involved in the self-storage industry for more than a decade, I have seen it evolve from mini-storage to self-storage, multistory facilities, document storage and climate-controlled facilities. Now, ...More
    June 1, 1998 R. David Mattiza Posted in Articles
  • Drafting a Lease Addendum for Auto and Boat Storage
    Drafting a Lease Addendum for Auto and Boat Storage By Scott Zucker Most self-storage rental agreements are written with the expectation of tenants storing personal property, such as household furnishings in enclosed storage units. Yet, more and more facilities are offering ...More
    June 1, 1998 Scott Zucker Posted in Articles
  • The Story
    Special Report What Self-Storage Operators Stand to Lose in Lien-Sale Battles The Gonzales v. Personal Storage Case By D. Carlos Kaslow When the California Supreme Court refused to disturb the Court of Appeal decision in Gonzales v. Personal Storage Inc. 56 Cal. App. 464 ...More
    June 1, 1998 D. Carlos Kaslow Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 6/98: Marina vs. Boat Storage
    Marina vs. Boat Storage A primer on the differences between in-water and dry-land storage By Dennis Kissman There are approximately 10,000 marinas in the United States today with space to accommodate about 1,100,000 boats, according to a recent survey conducted by the ...More
    June 1, 1998 Dennis Kissman Posted in Articles
    ONE ON ONE An Interview With Mike Burnam Mike Burnam is CEO of Storage Trust, a real estate investment trust based in Columbia, Mo., where he was born and raised. Mr. Burnam graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in agricultural economics and spent his ...More
    June 1, 1998 Posted in Articles
  • The Records Management and Storage Market
    The Records Management and Storage Market Industry-Specific Services By Cary F. McGovern Abstract: Positioning your records-storage business may depend on the make-up of the industries in your community. You may provide services to a specific industry, such as ...More
    May 1, 1998 Cary F. McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Hurricane Coverage
    Hurricane Coverage What Every Facility Owner Should Know By David Wilhite During the months of June through November in any given year, an average of three hurricanes will strike the United States. In 1995, hurricanes accounted for more than 100 deaths and caused billions ...More
    May 1, 1998 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Facility Management Software
    Facility Management Software A Great Idea Gets Better By Jeff Sacks There's a helpful tool out there called the computer, and if you're not using one to run management software designed to take care of many of your daily tasks and make your life easier, you may be more ...More
    May 1, 1998 Jeff Sacks Posted in Articles
  • Creatures Running Everywhere
    Creatures Running Everywhere Dear Waldmans: I own a storage facility and have an insect problem. I think the little guys know when I am trying to rent a unit because all of a sudden they show up with their siblings and parents, too. It's embarrassing, especially when I ...More
    May 1, 1998 Posted in Articles
  • How does your software feel about......the year 2000?
    How does your software feel about......the year 2000? By Ramona Taylor "The Millenium Bug." That's what they call it in Australia. And they're just as worried about it as we are about our "Year 2000 Bug." Almost any software problem that pops up these ...More
    May 1, 1998 Ramona Taylor Posted in Articles