• Does Facility Size Matter?
    By Pam Alton When an owner or a management company calls me looking for a new manager for their facility, one of the first things I am asked is, "How much should I pay the manager?" First, let me stress that there is no right or wrong answer when paying wages. ...More
    February 1, 1998 Pam Alton Posted in Articles
  • Protecting Yourself Against Employee Dishonesty
    Protecting Yourself Against Employee Dishonesty By David Wilhite Are you aware of the benefits of employee-dishonesty insurance? Many self-storage facility owners aren't, although this coverage can be as important as fire or liability insurance when it comes to protecting ...More
    February 1, 1998 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage 2/98
    Sydney James Chiswell, known better as Jim, is president of Chiswell & Associates Ltd., a Williamsville, N.Y.-based consulting firm that specializes in business development, sales and marketing, employee training, strategic planning and association management. A ...More
    February 1, 1998 Posted in Articles
  • Is Now the Time to Sell?
    Is Now the Time to Sell? By Mike McCune Great markets are wonderful, but we all know they will eventually end. What does that mean, in general, for self-storage owners? First of all, it doesn't mean you should panic. After spending 27 years in the commercial real-estate ...More
    January 1, 1998 Mike McCune Posted in Articles
  • State of the Industry
    State of the Industry Will the Boom Continue? By Cecile Blaine They say hindsight is 20/20. That's why we must look to the past in order to anticipate the future. It is especially true in gauging the health of the self-storage industry. Since self-storage is a real-estate ...More
    January 1, 1998 Cecile Blaine Posted in Articles, Development, Finance
  • A New Supervisor? Don't PanicTurn change into a positive for your position
    A New Supervisor? Don't PanicTurn change into a positive for your position By Kim Alton In an increasingly competitive and overgrown market, many self-storage owners take a hard look, not only at their facilities, but also at the team of people who help operate them. A ...More
    January 1, 1998 Kim Alton Posted in Articles
  • Waterwood Self Storage
    Waterwood Self Storage Edmond, Okla. By Jeff Sacks Bill Howard is a modest man to say the least. After all, he runs several successful self-storage facilities in Edmond, Okla., and attributes his good fortunes to nothing more than the fact that Edmond has virtually doubled ...More
    January 1, 1998 Jeff Sacks Posted in Articles
  • Valuing Your Facility
    Valuing Your Facility Part II By R.K. Kliebenstein There are three basic approaches to valuation that are commonly recognized in commercial real estate. The first is the income approach, which we discussed in detail in the September issue. The second method of evaluation is ...More
    January 1, 1998 R.K. Kliebenstein Posted in Articles
  • A Strict Liability Tort
    By D. Carlos Kaslow According to an article that appeared in the July/August 1997 issue of The Self Storage Legal Review, the tort of conversion is the most dangerous claim storage operators face. It can be likened to civil theft of property and is the one tort claim in ...More
    January 1, 1998 D. Carlos Kaslow Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage 1/98
    I'm Going to Explode! Dear Waldmans: My storage facility has been in operation for a little more than a year. We are still trying to decide why we need to do this, or how we need to do that. I have a wonderful manager, but it seems the busier we get, the more we lose ...More
    January 1, 1998 Posted in Articles