• Inside Self-Storage Magazine 12/98: Ask The Waldmans
    MY HEAD HURTS! DEAR WALDMANS: I have been in the storage business for almost three years and there have been many situations during this time that have left me quite baffled. This last one though, gave me a major headache. I had a roof leak in 15 of my units, four of which ...More
    December 1, 1998 Posted in Articles
  • What's in a Sign?
    SIGNS of the TIMES Proper signage key to facility's marketing plan Most experts will agree that a business isn't worth a dime without the right kind of sign. How else can a customer find your business? Self-storage is no different. In fact, because storage is a micro market ...More
    December 1, 1998 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • Exhibit 1
    CRITICAL PATH FEASIBILITY Turning construction financing into your advantage By Jim Oakley During the development of a self-storage facility, the most vulnerable time for negative cash flow is between the construction phase and fill-up. While monthly interest accrues, ...More
    November 1, 1998 Jim Oakley Posted in Articles, Development
  • The Financial Package
    Everything's Coming Up Roses Lenders Offering All-Time Low Interest Rates By Eric Snyder There is absolutely no question that now is the time to refinance your self-storage facility. The current interest-rate environment is one of the best in the last 25 years. At the ...More
    November 1, 1998 Eric Snyder Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Do You Really Need a Management Company?
    Do You Really Need a Management Company? By Pamela Alton Self-storage is a wonderful business. Of course, we all know it's easy to operate: Just open the doors and tenants will flock to your site. You will be full in a month or so and the money will come rolling in, it will ...More
    November 1, 1998 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
    Fire Prevention and Safety By David Wilhite If a small fire were to break out in a remote area of your facility, how quickly could you react to it? Do you have a series of interconnected smoke detectors installed in key locations for early warning and detection? Do you know ...More
    November 1, 1998 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Three Myths of Self-Storage
    Three Myths of Self-Storage DEAR WALDMANS: My brother-in-law recently retired and has a nice nest egg saved for retirement. He has decided that he would like to open a self-storage facility. I feel very honored that he has asked me to be his partner. Actually, the truth is, ...More
    November 1, 1998 Posted in Articles
  • A Dynamic Market
    Securitized Lenders: What is the deal? By Neil Gussis Lenders that securitize their loans are here to stay. The savvy self-storage owner understands financing alternatives, takes advantage of good economic conditions and focuses on lenders with expertise in the self-storage ...More
    November 1, 1998 Neil Gussis Posted in Articles, Finance
  • The Past
    Facility Spotlight South Bradford Street Self Storage Gainesville, Ga. By Jeff Sacks When business gave Tom Paris lemons, he made lemonade. After running a successful, homegrown, wholesale hardware business since 1949, Paris "sold out" in 1988 and eventually ...More
    November 1, 1998 Jeff Sacks Posted in Articles, Development
  • Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Records-Center Start-ups
    Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Records-Center Start-ups By Cary McGovern Over the past 22 years I have been asked many questions about how the records business works and what are the most important considerations. Like starting up any new business ...More
    November 1, 1998 Cary McGovern Posted in Articles