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    What if purchasing a steel self-storage building was as easy as buying a CD off the Internet? No trading phone calls with a sales rep or waiting several days for a quote. What if you could even choose color schemes and unit configurations and make the down payment from the ...More
    September 1, 2002 Amy Campbell Posted in Articles
  • Centershift Inc.
    One doesn't need to look far to find some New Age pundit extolling the virtues of the Internet and e-commerce. The problem is it takes large sums of capital to secure the hardware infrastructure and technical staff necessary to develop and maintain leading-edge ...More
    September 1, 2002 Bill Hoban Posted in Articles, Technology
  • Site Design and Unit Mix
    Too often, the words "site design" and "unit mix" are used in a single phrase referring to one activity or used interchangeably as if they were the same thing. This is not so. Think of site design as "site planning" and unit mix as "unit-mix formulation." Both affect the ...More
    September 1, 2002 Victor Lopez Posted in Articles, Development
    TRACHTE ANNOUNCES PROMOTIONS, NEW HIRES Sun Prairie, Wis.-based Trachte Building Systems, a manufacturer and supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings to the self-storage industry, announced the following promotions: Jeff Seefelt was appointed president and chief operating ...More
    July 7, 2002 Posted in Articles
  • Roof-Restoration Coating Systems
    A beautiful, neat and clean facility gets business. But being beautiful doesn't always mean being dry. When a roof leaks, customers leave. To stop leaks, there are many options, from the most expensive (tear-off and replacement of the existing roof) to the least expensive ...More
    July 1, 2002 Valerie Wolford Posted in Articles
  • First-Year Resources
    The first year of operations of your commercial records business is the most important to its ultimate success. Critical decisions will guide the business for several years to come. Design of an effective operating strategy, creation and implementation of a strategic ...More
    July 1, 2002 Cary McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Selling in a Competitive Marketplace
    As the self-storage industry continues to grow, evolve and become more competitive, we must recognize the importance of having an effective sales program. Today's customer is calling an average of four to five stores before deciding where to store his belongings. He has ...More
    July 1, 2002 Brad North Posted in Articles
  • Build a Retail Plan
    For the last 20 years, I've been involved in developing retail products, merchandising programs and displays for the package-shipping industry. As a relative newcomer to self-storage, I've been able to make some observations and draw some conclusions about where retailing ...More
    July 1, 2002 Roy Katz Posted in Articles
  • Maintenance and Tools of the Trade
    Complaint from customer that door won't open: money lost in repeat business. Complaint from customer that roof is leaking: lost referrals. Complaint from customer that gate won't open or is stuck: lost money in shortened rental. Having the right tool to take care of the ...More
    July 1, 2002 David Fleming Posted in Articles
  • The Northwest, Round Two
    This month's travels take us to the Northwest United States, a fast-growing area of the country with an active self-storage market. Let's hear what our local experts have to say about their respective cities and regions. Joining us in this survey are our Northwest brokers: ...More
    July 1, 2002 Michael L. McCune Posted in Articles