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  • Insurance Corner
    Disasters happen. Natural disasters, such as fire, flood, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions are a fact of life, and home and business owners have always had to deal with them. That's why, as a responsible self-storage facility owner, you need to ...More
    March 1, 2002 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Cannon Storage Systems
    Vern Cannon has his own way of doing business, and it works. Cannon Storage Systems, a national turnkey building supplier and construction-service company, has had a steady stream of business since it opened its doors 22 years ago. As Cannon's methods are passed to his ...More
    March 1, 2002 Matt Morgan Posted in Articles
  • From the Customer's Perspective
    For years I've been reading what self-storage employees should do for potential and existing customers--from the way they communicate over the phone to handling delinquent rents. Working for the publisher of this magazine, I may know more about self-storage than the general ...More
    March 1, 2002 Matt Morgan Posted in Articles
  • Managing the Sales Cycle
    The commercial records-management industry has settled on the assumption that the standard sales cycle is six months. Why does the industry believe this and why is it, in fact, a myth? This article discusses the assumption and its far-reaching implications. On Myth and ...More
    March 1, 2002 Cary F. McGovern Posted in Articles
  • The Southeast
    This month's travels take us to the southeastern United States. The Southeast is a fast-growing area of the country, with lots of new and existing self-storage facilities. Let's hear what our local experts have to say about their respective cities and regions. The Southeast ...More
    March 1, 2002 Michael L. McCune Posted in Articles
  • Budget?
    bud*get \'buj-et\ v The act of spending countless hours compiling data from the past year so as to get an accurate and complete financial picture regarding revenues and expenses someone above you will ultimately decide does not show you are making enough money and will ...More
    March 1, 2002 David Fleming Posted in Articles
  • Hazardous Waste
    The discovery of hazardous materials in a self-storage unit raises the prospect of nightmarish consequences for the facility owner. The nightmare begins with the discovery of the toxic material, and the level of fear rises if the tenant who placed the illegal property in ...More
    March 1, 2002 D. Carlos Kaslow Posted in Articles
  • Changing Times, Changing Policies
    Everyone in this country had a rude awakening with the events of Sept. 11. We were faced with the fact that the only thing constant in our lives is change. Rest assured, change is the one thing you can always rely on to happen. And how we react and adapt to change says ...More
    March 1, 2002 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • 1031 Exchange
    When you decide it is time to sell your self-storage facility and move on to other ventures, can you have your cake and eat it too? That is, can you take your profit, avoid income taxes and move to Hawaii? Surprisingly, it has become easier and easier to shift real estate ...More
    March 1, 2002 David A. Weissmann Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Contending With a Lawsuit
    In this industry, like many others, it is a possibility you will be sued at some point in time. Lawsuits come in many different varieties in self- storage, but there are several types we see all the time. The first and most obvious is the lawsuit over wrongful sale (the ...More
    March 1, 2002 Jeffrey Greenberger Posted in Articles