• Oh, the Feasibilities...
    Oh, the Feasibilities... I live my life in a time warp. This is because I work in publishing, and I am two months ahead of myself at any given moment. We produce this publication--as well as our others--that far ahead of schedule to allow time for all systems to ...More
    April 1, 2001 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
  • Fouts Bros. UD-Isuzu-GMC Truck
    Fouts Bros. UD-Isuzu-GMC TruckSpecializing in commercial trucks, parts and service In 1950, Jerry Fouts and his brother, C.J., opened a gas station and tire-recapping business in Smyrna, Ga., a small Atlanta suburb. They called themselves Fouts Bros., and as the years ...More
    April 1, 2001 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 04/2001: Keep Yourself Liquid With Flood Insurance
    Keep Yourself Liquid With Flood Insurance By David Wilhite More businesses are damaged by floods each year than by any other type of natural disaster. Flood damage can happen to any business at any time--you don't have to be located near water to be at risk. Heavy rains or ...More
    April 1, 2001 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • The Feasibility Study
    Conducting a self-storage feasibility study should be looked at as more than just determining the viability of a specific location or market area for your project. It should be viewed as the process of determining if you really are suited to be in the self-storage business ...More
    April 1, 2001 Jim Chiswell Posted in Articles, Development
  • Inside Self-Storage 04/2001: Tools for Records Management
    Tools for Records Management By Cary F. McGovern Selecting the right tools for your business may be the most important decision you make. Why are tools so important and what makes the selection process critical? This article will discuss the importance of tools as they ...More
    April 1, 2001 Cary F. McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Late-Fee Litigation and Legislation
    If you have been attending tradeshows and state-association meetings, and have been reading any industry-related publications, you would probably agree the issue of late fees is one of the hottest and most important topics in self-storage today. This month's article focuses ...More
    April 1, 2001 Jeffrey Greenberger Posted in Articles, Legal Issues
  • Eight Secrets to Marketing Success
    Eight Secrets to Marketing Success By Bill Dueease You have the right and obligation to determine which potential customers you will serve. You should screen out undesirable customers early so you can focus more attention on customers you want. The profits of a business are ...More
    April 1, 2001 Bill Dueease Posted in Articles
  • Money Makes Money in U.K. Storage
    THE EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEUR IS ATTRACTED TO THE SELF-STORAGE sector for one of two reasons: either for the "pension-fund"-style income stream the self-storage facility offers once the site is near full, or the potential sell-out value of the facility to an acquisitive ...More
    April 1, 2001 Andrew Donaldson Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 04/2001: Dreaded Delinquency Collections
    Dreaded Delinquency Collections By David Fleming I was sitting here making my collections calls, when I realized this is exactly what we touched on in my February column: late fees--the dreaded task of collecting delinquent payments. Some of us are good at it, some of us ...More
    April 1, 2001 David Fleming Posted in Articles
  • Impromptu
    Impromptu "It's March," she said languidly with a sigh, resting her chin in the palm of her right hand. She gazed from her high-rise window over the sticky smog that hovered on the Phoenix horizon. "Nothing interesting ever happens in March." All right, ...More
    March 1, 2001 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles